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5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At UMN

5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At UMN

Here are some of the top reasons you should be excited to start school at UMN Get your winter gear ready and get ready to become a gopher.

Hey, all you golden gophers! Now I know there is still over a month before college starts but here are the top 5 reason I’m excited to start college at the UMN!

1. Corn Ice Cream

I know what you’re thinking, “Gross! Corn…ice cream.” But from what I’ve heard, while at orientation this seems to be the flavor that goes the quickest, so get it while you can!


2. My Major

This may seem funny to some, but I love learning new things especially when I’m passionate about them. I’m majoring in Biology, Society, and Environmental Science also known as BSE house in CLA. This major is a multidisciplinary major involving all the things I love. The U is the only college that offers this major. I’m also thinking about minoring in Science, Technology, and Medicine.

3.  Petting Tilly the Therapy Chicken


Words can’t begin to describe how excited I am! For some reason, I’ve always wanted to pet a chicken. PAWS or pet away worry and stress is a free thing offered at UMN. Not only do they have chickens but they also have dogs, cats and bunnies.

*The photo above is of Tilly and must I say she looks so fluffy. Tilly is so popular she has her own twitter account you can follow @Therapychicken

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4. Winter snow

Okay, okay, okay!  I know winter in Minnesota is pretty brutal. But, I can honestly say I’m excited to have the glistening of snow fall while I’m on my way home from class. But, if you were to ask me while I’m actually walking and ice is blasting my face, I’d say otherwise.

5. Diversity


I cannot wait to meet new friends from all over. I’m so excited to argue about “pop” over “soda” and “car-mel” or “car-a mel.” I’m thrilled to learn new cultures and new card games. The University of Minnesota offers this and much more.

UMN has so much to offer and I’m very excited to be a gopher this Fall. I hope this makes the U a top choice for those of you who might be applying. Ski-U-Mah! Comment below!
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