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5 Reasons To Watch Good Girls

5 Reasons To Watch Good Girls

So about a month ago, I scrolled through Netflix and found NBC’s latest show, Good Girls that premiered last spring. I was honestly just trying to find something to watch to occupy my morning before I got my day started. Yeah, I binged that whole show in one day. Because I just COULDN’T STOP! It was really good, it had humor, suspense, a great cast an eye candy.

For those of you who don’t know what Good Girls are about, it’s about 3 suburban women who are tight on money and rob a grocery store. They pretty much get away with it except for the part where a gang had an income at the grocery store, so they get tracked down by the gang leader Rio and he tells them to pay him back. Eventually, they do pay him back and all ties are done. But then housewife Beth decides that they could make some good money working for him. That’s when their trouble begins. Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Good Girls.

1. The Main Cast

The main cast is incredible. They are Christina Hendricks who plays the leader of the housewives friends group, Beth. Mae Whitman as Anne Marks, Beth’s younger sister who had her own pre-teen and a good relationship with her ex-husband but still has a bit of a wild side. Retta who plays Ruby Hill, she has a daughter who constantly needs medical treatment and that puts her and her cop husband behind on bills. Hence why the robbery was a big help to her.

These three women are close friends who get into a lot of trouble for themselves. But their comic humor really brings the show together.

5 Reasons To Watch Good Girls

2. Rio

The gang leader was someone that I didn’t expect to see more of in the series. For some reason, I thought they weren’t going to be too involved with him but I was very wrong about that. Rio comes in in almost every episode, looking badass with his cut-throat attitude, just ready to make sure the job gets done right.

And he is total eye candy I am not even kidding you. There seems to be a strong connection between him and Beth and every time you see them in a scene you want to scream JUST KISS EACH OTHER ALREADY. But instead, he either grazes her cheek with his hand or threatening her not to screw him over by stealing his money. It is seriously a love-hate relationship and it’s just intense waiting to see how it goes.

 5 Reasons To Watch Good Girls

3. The Humor

I’ve mentioned a few times that there are some pretty funny moments in this show. I can’t describe them all because that’d take the fun out of it. But if you watch the show you are bound to laugh at least a few times in every episode. And who doesn’t like a good laugh? Am I right?

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5 Reasons To Watch Good Girls

4. The Plot Is Always Thickening

Honestly, every time I watch an episode, it seems these ladies are getting themselves into more and more hot water. And on top of that, there are multiple opportunities where they have a chance to call it quits, and go back to their old lives. Of course, they won’t do that because then we won’t have any more Good Girls episodes. But you’ll find yourself saying “Oh cm’on leaving it alone Beth! Annie doesn’t do that you were in the clear!” Sooo many times.

5. The Second Season Just Start

The second season primered Sunday March 3rd so it’s not to late to binge watch the first on Netflix and then catch your way up in you’re interested! It’s on NBC every Sunday night at 10pm eastern time!

Are you excited for Good Girls season 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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