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7 Reasons To Try Yoga This Summer

7 Reasons To Try Yoga This Summer

7 Reasons To Try Yoga This Summer

If you are one of those people that has always been hesitant to try yoga, but still think about it from time to time, you’re not the only one! Yoga has so many benefits to your mind, body, and soul. It is perhaps one of the greatest practices to relieve all kinds of issues everyday people seem to find themselves with. So, if you aren’t completely convinced, we put together a list of the 10 best reasons you need to try yoga no!

1. Decreases Anxiety & Stress

One of the biggest problems nearly everyone faces these days is an overwhelming sense of anxiety and stress. It has become such a huge issue, that medication is being prescribed on a daily basis for the symptoms. Anxiety can be crippling for some people, and we all know what stress feels like. Doing yoga, especially more intense yoga, helps decrease that anxiety by releasing endorphins. It has a very calming effect on your body which also helps stress levels. It’s one of the greatest reasons to try yoga today!

10 Reasons To Try Yoga This Summer

2. Reduces Depression Symptoms

This benefit goes hand-in-hand with the first on our list. Anxiety and stress are symptoms of Depression, which is a mental health illness that has also become an enormous issue in the world these days. We may have a lot of luxuries in this life, but with privilege comes a price. Doing some kind of physical activity can greatly reduce Depression symptoms, as it releases endorphins in your system like we said. Try yoga to get that inner happiness you seem to be missing lately.

3. Builds Strength & Stamina

Any physical activity that you do consistently is bound to build up your strength and stamina. Some people like to walk, some run, lift weights, do some kind of sport, etc. Not everyone is into the more intense fitness activities, which is exactly why yoga is perfect. It ranges anywhere from easy, calming yoga to intense fitness yoga and everything in between!

10 Reasons To Try Yoga This Summer

4. Builds Better Balance & Flexibility

You may not think balance and/or flexibility are really crucial reasons to try yoga, but they are! Balance in general is a great thing to master. You would be surprised to find how much it actually effects you every day. When it begins to increase you will find yourself a lot more centered physically and emotionally. The flexibility is also an under-spoken benefit. It is so important to stretch every single day. Especially for physically active people. More often than not, we forget to stretch and improve our flexibility and that is actually one of the keys to not being so sore that you’re immobile the day after a good workout. See? There are great reasons to try yoga!

10 Reasons To Try Yoga This Summer

5. Improves Sleep Quality

In our opinion, this is absolutely one of the greatest reasons to try yoga. Sleep is SO important. If our sleep schedules get screwed up, it throws our whole lives off. Whether you aren’t getting enough sleep, keep waking up through the night, or just can’t get comfortable, yoga will help you get those well-rested nights you’ve been longing for. If you try yoga and like it enough to do it steadily, we 100% guarantee you’ll never have a sleepless night again.

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6. Improves Body Image

We know, it may sound kind of vein… but it’s true! Body image also effects all of us. Some people are fortunate enough to absolutely love the way they look, but more often than not we suffer from some kind of self-esteem issue. Yoga can help with that! There’s just something about completing a yoga session that gives you this amazing sense of accomplishment. Physical activity makes us look and feel great inside and out.

7. Reduces Chronic Pain

That’s right, everyone. If you try yoga you will find the key to reducing that chronic pain that has been driving you insane. Forget spending crazy amounts of money on doctors that really aren’t helping you all that much. Maybe at best they’re prescribing you something to mask the pain, but that’s not a way to live. Whether it’s back pain, leg cramps, neck problems, really any kind of chronic pain if you consistently try yoga. For this, you can even stick to the more relaxed sessions so don’t worry if you aren’t too physically inclined.

10 Reasons To Try Yoga This Summer

If we have not convinced you to try yoga after all of these incredible benefits, comment below and let us know what’s holding you back. Maybe we can help you out!

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