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8 Reasons To Try Online Dating You Should Consider

8 Reasons To Try Online Dating You Should Consider

8 Reasons To Try Online Dating You Should Consider

Online dating has taken over this era by storm! Everyone has done it at least once or twice, one way or another. Whether it is an online dating website, an app just to hook up, even Instagram and Facebook! Yes, if you found bae on those last two outlets, that is considered online dating. If you haven’t tried it yet, honey, you are missing out on what could be your next your next relationship.

8 Reasons To Try Online Dating You Should Consider

#1 More Than One App

If one online dating site doesn’t work, you can always try another one! There are hundreds of online dating websites to fit what you are looking for. They are being created damn near every day to keep up the quality of dating these days.

#2 You’re Too Damn Busy

I know lots of people who say they don’t get out much due to work and from just being tired from being a superhero all day. These days, people don’t have time to go out and meet other people! Online dating will be perfect to fit into your busy life. It’s at the touch of your finger and very easy to use.

8 Reasons To Try Online Dating You Should Consider

#3 Take your pick

There are many people that are looking for the same thing you are and if they’re not, then on to the next one. There are many women and men to choose from; you’re going to be like a kid in a candy store. What’s your flavor?

8 Reasons To Try Online Dating You Should Consider

#4 You Are Not Alone

There are thousands of people that feel the same way you do! However, I will say, know what you are looking for while swiping left or right. If you are looking for dating, then find a man/woman that’s looking for the same thing. You don’t want to get involved in a situation where you wanted a relationship but the other person was just looking to hook up for the night. Be on the same page.

#5 Everything Is Up Front

Usually, everything you need to know is right there on their profile: a few pictures of them, their height, weight, zodiac sign and most importantly, why they’re on the site. You have the option to be the choosy one.

8 Reasons To Try Online Dating You Should Consider

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#6 Rejection is Less Intense

We all hate rejection, but I think we can all agree that we all hate rejection when it is right there in our faces. Getting turned down by someone you are interested in can be a hard pill to swallow. It takes a lot of self-confidence to approach someone in public or online in the first place. However, getting rejected online takes the stress off of you a bit. At least when it happens this way, it’s easier to brush off because there’s no audience.

#7 You Are the Controller

When online dating, you control the pace of how fast or slow you want your encounters to go. If you’re ready to meet after a few days of conversation, good! Set it up. If you are not, you can take as much time as you need if it’s alright with the other person. This dating app is your playground. Make your demands and stick to them.

8 Reasons To Try Online Dating You Should Consider

#8 This Fish is Mine!

The great thing about online dating is that you guys get to know each other very well. I have friends that have met their significant others off an online dating site, Instagram or Facebook. You could find the one while online dating, the point is to try it or you’ll never know.

Online dating is a part of society these days and there’s nothing wrong with it. I feel everyone should at least try it once if going out to bars and clubs just doesn’t seem to be doing it for you anymore. Have you ever dated anyone online? Let me know your stories in the comment section below. Until next time, see you soon.

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