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7 Reasons To Try Essential Oils Today

7 Reasons To Try Essential Oils Today

Essential oils are a natural way to keep your body healthy.  I used to think that the people who did natural oils were the very simple, no medicine, puritan way of life.  But something in me changed that made me try them. I don’t usually have allergies. I work with Children for a living so I tend to have a strong immune system.  But one night at home it was raining outside. I live in Colorado so rain is not that common. But it happen to be a spring night where there was something in the air and my body was not having it. I was antsy, and anxious and uncomfortable.  I didn’t know what to do. Later that week I saw a friend online post about how essential oils changed her life and how it was helping her kids as well. That’s when i made my first order. Here are 7 reasons you need to try essential oils today.

1) Stress

The main reason I tried essential oils was because of anxiety. I don’t really have that bad of anxiety and i would say I have a had a few minor anxiety attacks.  Moments where I can’t sit still, can’t stand being touched and nothing makes me comfortable. The first essential oil i ever bought was a pre-made blend called Harmony.  I Put a tiny drop at the top of my spine and really felt like it calmed me down. Instantly sold. I started pinteresting different blends and all the things you could do with essential oils and i realised it’s much more than living a simple life.  It’s using natural remedies to keep your body at ease.

7 reasons you should try essential oils today

2.) Sleep/Relax

Just like de-stressing I found multiple blends to use for sleep.  Again, I don’t always have a hard time sleeping, but I have had back problems and foot issues.  After making my relaxation blend, I put it on the bottom of my feet every night as well as my spine, collar bones and behind my ears.  Just a drop. I do notice a difference when I sleep after using my blends.

7 reasons you should try essential oils today

3.) DIY Natural Cleaners  

When I work with children all day long, we are required to use certain cleaners  and often bleach, throughout the day. I have to wash my hands throughout the day as well.  Then i would come home and clean my house with clorox bleach or some premade cleaner. For a while I had gone to vinegar and water which is great, but i started researching natural cleaners using oils.  I found some great recipes that include Tea tree, lavender, citrus and lemon. All natural, it still cleans and it has a more pleasant smell in the house.

7 reasons you should try essential oils today

4.) Healthy Immune Systems  

Fighting a cold. No problem. Using eucalyptus and citrus and tea tree there are natural blend recipes to keep you body on track.  Find a blend to fix your headache, or leg ache or allergic reaction. Tea Tree has been my lifesaver and can be used for so many things.  I had an allergic reaction ( still don’t know what it was). I have had it happen maybe 3 times. After going to the doctor and having them prescribe a basic lotion that did nothing, a friend of mine suggested Tea tree Oil.  ( this was 3 years ago- you think I would have joined the essential oil club then!). The tea tree oil was the ONLY thing that took care of my rash. No pill, no lotion. A natural remedy. I always have it on hand.

7 reasons you should try essential oils today

5.) Natural Pain Reliever

Yes Essential Oils can be a pain reliever as well.  I mentioned I have a bad back. Sometimes right before bed, I roll my pain reliever blend on it, and I wake up feeling relieved and comfortable.

7 reasons you should try essential oils today

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6.) DIY: Make It Yourself

The best thing about essential oils is that there are so many blend you can make yourself.  And so many uses. We talked about DIY cleaners. But what about Shower Bombs, Deodorant, faces masks, A Diy Vicks rub and dryer sheets?  There are so many uses for essential oils that you simply have to try it yourself.

7 reasons you should try essential oils today

7.) Roller Ball or Diffuser?

I personally go with the roller ball 90% of the time since with essential oils as they are small and you can take them anywhere.  Work, Travel etc. A diffuser is a humidifier of sorts that allows you to blend you chosen oils inside and and it will releases the essential oils into the air for you to inhale.  This is great for the home, whether it is when you are sleeping, or having a relaxing bath, or just doing every day routines. A healthy way to improve your body without even thinking about it.

7 reasons you should try essential oils today

Essential Oils help us find ways to a healthier lifestyle.  Plus an added bonus. When you sit down to make all of you blends, you will definitely feel a little Harry Potter-esque like you are magically in POTIONS CLASS.
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