5 Reasons To Take Classes At Temple That Aren’t Your Major

Deciding which classes to take next semester? Try going out of your comfort zone and pick a class that is not a requirement for your major! Don’t know if you should? Here are 5 reasons to take classes at Temple that are outside of your major!

1. You can gain experience in a different field.

Nowadays, it’s important to have knowledge in various subjects, not just one. Think about what kind of experience you will gain by taking this course. It can give you skills to add to your résumé, which will make you stand out against other potential candidates and help you get a job!

2. It will be fun and different!

The required courses for your major can be overwhelming. By taking a class that has nothing to do with your major, you can get a little break. It will feel refreshing and will be a class you will look forward to all day!

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3. It can lead into a minor.

If you enjoyed the class, it would be a good idea to continue in the subject without changing majors. Adding a minor to your résumé can also make you stand out when applying for jobs!

4. You can make new friends.

You have the opportunity to meet new friends with the same interest as you, but not the same major!

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5. You can make connections.

You time at college is extremely valuable. It is a time where you want to look for experience, internships, and eventually a job. How do you get those opportunities? By making connections! The professor you will have in your new class can be someone to network with.

What were your favorite classes outside of your major at Temple University? Make sure to comment below! You can also find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
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