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5 Reasons To Take Classes Outside Of Your Major At SJU

5 Reasons To Take Classes Outside Of Your Major At SJU

Sure you have your classes in your major, and then those dreaded core classes, but what do you do to fill up your electives? If you’ve never thought about taking classes outside your major, then you should seriously reconsider. Here’s some reasons why you should take classes outside of your major at St. John’s!

1. Explore different interests.

Even if you go into college thinking you know exactly what you want to do, it’s smart to take a bunch of different classes. Not only does it expose you to different subjects that you might not have usually taken, but it might just change your mind on what you want to major in.

2. Meet new people.

As you get further into your major, you may find yourself having classes with a lot of the same people. Taking classes outside of your major will allow you to meet different people that you might not have met before. It will allow you to hear other ideas and allow you to be a more well-rounded person. And who knows, you may even make some awesome friends!




3. Different classes give you a chance to do something fun!

With the stress of all your major classes and getting your pre-reqs done, school can be a lot to handle. Take a class that is fun for you. It can relieve stress while also being something you look forward to each week. You can take a class that revolves around a hobby you have or you can just take a fun one that you think sounds interesting, like photography!

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4. It will expand your resume.

Take classes that could add up to a minor. It’s always better to have some experience in other fields so you aren’t limited when you graduate. Taking other classes might also allow you to get into niche parts of your field, or it may even give you the skills that employers are looking for!



5. There’s no other time.

College is the time to learn and explore new interests. You may never again have a time in your life as lenient as college where you can explore new interests and learn about new things. Take full advantage of your time in school and soak up everything you can!

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