4 Reasons To Still Look Hot For Your Girl or Boyfriend 

4 Reasons To Still Look Hot For Your Girl or Boyfriend 

Do you have someone special that you call your girl or boyfriend? How often do you try to look hot for them? Although you don’t have to look good for your boo all the time, the fact is that while you aren’t, someone else already is. There are four specific reasons why you still need to look hot for your girl or boyfriend. Scroll to the bottom to see how these reasons also apply to long-distance lovers.

1. This Sh*t’s Not Set In Stone

With easy access to people through dating apps and social media, it’s never been easier to go shopping for a new squeeze if your current one has stopped trying to dress up. There’s a whole world of gorgeous people out there that know how to treat men and women the way they deserve to be treated. And if they’re not on hinge, insta, or bumble, they’re probably at the gym or in your partner’s math class every other day. Did I make you uneasy? Good. Do your best to go out of your way to show your partner they chose right.

Girls, let your hair down. It may not seem like much to you, but from a guy’s perspective, your hair acts as another weapon against our emotional defense mechanisms. Undo that scrunchie and act like nothing just happened. Guys, throw that trucker hat back on your bed, put some gel through your hair, dress up, and show your confidence to not wear your hat once in a while. Your partner will see it even if they don’t mention it.

4 Reasons To Still Look Hot For Your Girl or Boyfriend

2. We Overlook General Hygiene

Here’s a reminder that while we’re dating someone, we tend to overlook what we used to be hyper aware of before we met them. If you haven’t been blessed with Chris Hemsworth-like facial hair, then shave yours. Your partner will feel more pain than pleasure at the abrasive feeling of your sandpaper face on theirs while you makeout. Do you choose not to shave down there (and I mean down there) not out of principle, but laziness? Shaving instead of not is the safer bet when you feel caught between the two options. Have you noticed a pattern of your partner mentioning, very nicely, how tattered or smelly your shoes are? Not a bad idea to put a new pair of nice looking kicks on the B-Day or holiday wish list. Do you clean your room and wash your laundry regularly? Get on that for obvious cleanliness reasons. Last one: do you wash your body when you two hangout…?

4 Reasons To Still Look Hot For Your Girl Or Boyfriend

3. Netflix Is Not Life

While Netflix and Chill is far from the wrong thing to do, building a non-stop habit of dressing down in grey sweats and groaning at your slow wi-fi can leave a lot to be expected. It’s no secret that once we feel comfortable enough with our hubby, we can begin to limit going out on nicer dates or even going out at all.  As a partner to someone oh-so-special, you don’t want things to get grey and slow. How do I fix this? Read on.

3. Unexpected Is Hot

Doing the unexpected fulfills everyone’s fantasy of being pleasurably surprised. One night, I was bored, so I decided to dress up for my girlfriend. I put some shorts on that made my butt look good, put a tee on that my gf loves me in, and I surprised her at her register before closing time. I didn’t have to put on a tux to make an impact, and we didn’t take any pics to make my outfit ‘worth it’. Guys out there, I didn’t even wait till things got stagnant. If you have an opportunity to surprise him or her, do it.

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Show your bae how much you care by doing something unexpected for them. Perfect opportunities for this are casual dates because the setting does not call for nice apparel, but you will bring it anyway. This will show that you dressed nice not for the venue, but for your partner.

4 Reasons To Still Look Hot For Your Girl or Boyfriend

For Long Distance Lovers (Me Being One Of Them):

The easiest way to remind your boo of how good you look when they’re not around is to send pics of your outfit while you’re at work lookin’ like the young professional you are, or at the gym wishing they could see your butt while you do those mountain climbers. You’ll make your partner bite their lip in anticipation for the next time they get to bite yours.

4 Reasons To Still Look Hot For Your Girl Or Boyfriend

Did I inspire you to dress up more often now? Or am I wrong on some things? Drop a caret (^) in the comments below if you agree with something I wrote. Comment.

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