10 Reasons to Stay Single Freshman Year

Being a freshman in college means a lot of changes in your life. Living by yourself, meeting new people, starting to focus on you career, and so much more. Being in a relationship can be great, but maybe just not your first year in college. Here are 10 reasons why you should stay single if you are freshman.

1. You can build friendships and keep them going.

There is nothing quiet like finding that awesome niche of friends you love being around. The group that eats lunch together, heads to class together, hangs on the weekends, every weekend – those should be your #SquadGoals. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend can distract you from this.


2. You have nothing holding you back.

You can do things just for you. Want to go study abroad? Pack your bags! You want to take that internship that’s 5 states away? Have fun! Volunteer somewhere? Learn lots! Nothing is stopping you of completing your personal goals. Having a boyfriend alters your decision in making these types of plans.

3. You can be more spontaneous.

This one is my favorite. You can choose to do whatever you want, whenever. No plans, no nothing. If you feel like driving to the city for the day or getting lost in the country for a weekend, you can go for it without worries. Maybe you got done with classes early and want to go shopping! If you have a partner sometimes you end up doing what they want all the time.


4. You can focus on things that make you happy.

There are few things as important as your mental health. Before you can even think about making someone else happy, you need to make yourself happy. If that means taking a personal growth class, trying something new, exercising more or just pursuing the things that you love – then go ahead and do it. For me it was soccer, working out and friends.

5. You can work on personal growth.

Think of everything you want to do in the future and start planning. Something I learned this year was that I needed to start saving money in order to take that trip to the Great Barrier Reef I’ve been dying to do. Preparing for the future can also be as simple as planning on attending a career fair, a school seminar, or just deciding to get yourself out there, learn and grow. After all, isn’t that why you decided to pursue and complete your education?


6. You can do things at your own pace.

There is no reason to rush into a relationship. You need to understand what’s best for you and for the person involved. Stay single freshman year and take all the time you need to find someone who enjoys you for being you.


7. Freshman year is hard enough already.

Relationships tend to come with huge amounts of pressure. It is hard enough being a freshman with all the tension of adapting to a new school and new people. Without the added pressure of a boyfriend, you can focus on doing well in school, forming lasting friendships and learning more about yourself.

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8. You can embrace your own habits.

Do you feel like eating that entire tub of ice cream tonight while you binge watch Netflix? By all means, go for it. Or maybe you just didn’t feel like showering all weekend. No judgement. Embracing your own habits is important – sometimes a relationship can limit you from enjoying your formed habits – whether good or bad.


9. No one is keeping tabs on what you’re doing.

Being in my twenties, my parents still check up on me, making sure I’m still alive and studying. While this is expected, why add another batch of constant messaging and check-ins from a significant other? Getting texts like, “Where are you,” “What are you doing,”  “With who,” ” When will you get back?” can get frustrating at some point. Freshman year you should be out doing whatever you want without having to explain who, what, when, where or why.


10. You get a bed to yourself.

Let’s be real, a Twin XL doesn’t fit anyone. I don’t care what size or shape you are, there is never enough room on those tiny things. Maybe if you are sitting up, back against the wall, you can fit three or four people, if you’re lucky. Now try sleeping with an extra body filling the mattress and, well, good luck. Chances are you will either feel like you are dangling off a cliff or squished up and smothered against the wall. If you stay single freshman year, it ensures you have a full bed all to yourself – there is nothing like sleeping comfortably.



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Ellary Nemetz

Ellary is a Biology student who enjoys sports, the great outdoors and traveling.

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