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10 Reasons To Stay In Philadelphia After College

10 Reasons To Stay In Philadelphia After College

You may have already decided to stay in Philly after you graduate. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Philly. From all of the museums, to career opportunities, there’s plenty to keep you happy here. Keep reading for 10 reasons to stay in Philadelphia after college!

1. The city itself is hard to beat.

You live in the second largest city on the east coast, but you’ve got the busy feel of NYC and the laidback vibes of DC. You get the perks of being in a busy city without being overwhelmed.

2. The growing food scene.

Philadelphia has a growing food scene that rivals that of NYC, LA, and other cities across the country. Let’s not forget Philly’s restaurant week.


Is the food one of the best reasons to stay in Philadelphia after college?


3. Enough sports teams to keep you busy!

It’s the home of the Flyer and the Eagles, and for us Temple Owls … well we saw our team win at the Linc too.

4. The museums always have new and exciting exhibits.

There is a plethora of Museums and Historical places to visit all throughout the city, from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, to the Liberty Bell, and even the Mütter Museum. Quite frankly, there’s something for everyone to do here.


5. Some of the best musical events come to town.

There are at least 15 well known music venues for you to see your favorite artists. From the Filmore, to the Mann Center, and the TLA down on South Street.

6. Philly grows on you!

By the time you graduate you know the city pretty well. A lot of Philly students move off campus by there sophomore or junior year which only adds to their familiarity with the city.



7. There are a ton of intern opportunities.

Philly is an internship hub for people with all sorts of backgrounds. Campus Philly started an internship program funded by StartUP PHL for people with tech related backgrounds, just one of the many internships available to students. Developing your career is one of the best reasons to stay in Philadelphia after college.

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8. A rapidly growing job scene.

The unemployment rate in Philadelphia is still recovering but there are job opportunities across the board that could very well cement a career for you. From government jobs, to working with SEPTA, Comcast, positions at universities and colleges in the city, and more. For health professions related students, some of the top names in health care are based in Philly.


9. A sense of community and networking!

After four years in Philly you have contacts, sources, and friends to network through who are in your backyard and not across the country. You became a part of the Philly community, you developed a relationship with the city and the network you developed here will only benefit you.

10. Back to a great school?

And lastly …. there’s a good chance that if you are pursuing your masters that you applied to one of the City Six and received admissions, so if anything you’ll be in the lovely city of Philadelphia by default!

What are your top reasons to stay in Philadelphia after college? Comment below and share the article!
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