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10 Reasons To Make Tacos An Every Day Meal

10 Reasons To Make Tacos An Every Day Meal

10 Reasons To Make Tacos An Every Day Meal

There are very few foods in the world as perfect as the taco. In fact, I would go as far as to say there isn’t. It’s so good, so versatile, so readily available. There is no one in the world who would say no to a good taco, and if there is then they’re lying. Now, maybe having tacos for every meal is going a little too far, because there is literally a whole smorgasbord of delicious eats out there, but I will make the case that you should eat tacos at least once a day. Here’s 10 reasons on why you should make tacos an every day meal:

1. Easy Assembly

There’s not a lot of skill involved in preparing a plate of tacos. Just heat up some tortillas, cook up some meat, chop some veg, and layer on that salsa. It’s as easy or as hard as you make it. In my opinion though, taking the time to hand make your  own tortillas is what really puts your tacos over the top. It’s not something that can accurately be described in words, it’s really one of those things that you have to experience for yourself.

2. Huge Variety

There’s not just one type of taco, we have been blessed with a seemingly endless variety from which to choose. There’s The Big Three: carne asada, al pastor, and chicken. There’s the seafood options: fish and shrimp. You can even have a choice between soft tortillas (the big brain move) or hard shell (if you’re punishing yourself, but that might just be my bias talking). You can go the whole week without having the same type of taco twice, so why not??


3. Breakfast Tacos

Listen, this truly deserved to be it’s own category. Breakfast tacos are just on a whole other level and come in the same staggering varieties as your lunch/dinner tacos. You’ve got your egg, you’ve got your  chorizo, the frijoles, ham and egg, etc. Basically almost any breakfast food you can think of you can stick into a tortilla and immediately level up your cooking. Don’t sleep on them breakfast tacos. It’s the kind of filling meal you need to get you going on your day.

10 Reasons To Make Tacos An Every Day Meal

4. Taquerias

Don’t feel like making your own tacos? Not a problem! Any town worth its salsa has at least two or three quality taquerias you can crawl into to be served this food from the heavens. The best ones are the ones that are family owned and been around for a minute. The kind where if you stopped some stranger in the grocery store to ask for a recommendation they answer without skipping a beat. The employees have so honed their craft that it feels like within seconds of ordering they’re already dropping a plate of over stuffed tacos in front of you as you weep with gratitude.


5. Taquizas

In that same vein, it’s likely that your locally owned taqueria offers a service called taquizas. This is when they come to your house for whatever event you’re hosting, and make tacos for you and all of your guests in the comfort of your home. Now, granted this option is excessive (and expensive) to be doing every day but at the end if your guests haven’t gorged themselves as they should, the taqueros will usually leave you with the extra. Now you’ve got enough taco supplies to last you the entire week!

6. Community

Eating tacos is a community event. Yeah you could make and eat tacos on your own, but you’ll end up with more than you need anyway so why not spread the love? I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t enthusiastically accept an invitation for tacos, so what better way to catch up with that friend you haven’t seen in a while. Or if you’re going to a big family hoopla, pitch in for the taquiza. Re-connecting over tacos will leave you with a full heart and stomach.

10 Reasons To Make Tacos An Every Day Meal


7. Great for Meal Prep

Listen, I get it. Life can be hectic and time can get away from us. Even with it’s delightful simplicity, there are just times when even tacos take too long to prepare when your stomach is getting ready to cave in on itself. However, the remedy to that is meal prepping! Because tacos require very few ingredients, it’s a meal prepper’s dream. Just make everything in bulk ahead of time and portion it out for your week. Then all you have to do when you come home exhausted from work is heat it up and before you know it you’ll have slipped into a taco infused slumber.

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8. Healthy Option

It might not seem like it, but tacos can be a healthy meal option when you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Yeah some of them can be greasy – looking at you al pastor, my one true love – but at its base its just meat, veggies, and a grain. No extra whozits and whatzits or whatever fills a doctor’s nightmares. Having tacos for a meal is satisfying and delicious, and like with all things just take it in moderation. Don’t go eating a crazy number no matter how delicious.


10 Reasons To Make Tacos An Every Day Meal

9. Affordability

In this time of hipster, Instagram worthy foods one might find themselves paying up more for the experience and gravitas of the establishment than for the food. Tacos have the good fortune of being both beautifully Instagram-able  and affordable. A good taco will usually cost you in the realm of $2 a taco, unless you’re going to some trendy place. Not that I’m knocking those kind of places – a lot of the time they have really delicious offerings- but you end up paying more for the ambiance or notoriety than anything else. Your local taqueria will set you up with an equally delicious and Instagram worthy plate of tacos that will make your wallet weep in gratitude.

10. Show Your Appreciation for Mexican Culture

While the origins of this delectable dish are shrouded in mystery, tacos have become THE food most associated with Mexican culture. Yes there are other well known staples that have made their way into the global mainstream, but the taco reigns supreme. Mexicans and those of Mexican descent take great pride in their foods, and that devotion has even been recognized by UNESCO who designated Mexican cuisine as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. I’m not saying that tacos are solely responsible, but I do believe they played a huge role in putting some positive spotlight on Mexico. So next time you’re having taco night, do some Googling on the side to see just how much history is behind your favorite dish.


Will you be adding in tacos to your daily menu? Let me know in the comments below!

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