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10 Reasons To Love Ohio University In Fall

10 Reasons To Love Ohio University In Fall

Maybe it’s the crunchy leaves or the smell, but there is not a doubt that fall at OU is special. Here are a few reasons why to love Ohio University in fall.

Don’t get me wrong, Ohio University is beautiful no matter which way you turn it, but there is something about OU in the fall that just makes my heart sing. Maybe it’s the crunchy leaves or the smell of campus, but there is not a doubt that OU in the fall is something special. Here are a few reasons why its easy to love Ohio University in fall.

1. The wait for football is finally over!

Ahh, football. Fall’s favorite sport. There is nothing better than a Saturday spent at Peden Stadium watching The Bobcats take on their opponent. Not to mention the tailgate before where free food and merchandise basically fall (lol…get it?) into your hands.


2. The incredibly talented Marching 110.

Where there is Bobcat football there is The Most Exciting Band In The Land. The band that has gone viral and has even made Sia’s jaw drop will perform for you during halftime and show you what the 110 is all about during their post-game performance. Their exceptional music and dynamite dance moves will blow you away. The best part about them is the fact that you don’t even have to wait till Saturday to watch them perform. Check the website and see what festival or parade their doing next!


3. Game days and homecoming bring everyone together!

Homecoming weekend is a kick start to the fall season at Ohio University. During the first week of October, alumni and current students alike come together to enjoy the school they love. Alumni reminisce on their days on the campus and current students make connections with alumni. Yell Like Hell and the Homecoming Parade get everyone ready for the football game and the party that is to ensue on homecoming night.

4. Get ready for the Halloween block parties.

Or as students refer to it, HallOUween. The third biggest block party in America is held right here on the campus that we call home. Your inner kid is set loose as students dress up, meander Court Street, listen to live music and party the way only OU students know how.


Isn't Ohio University in fall so much fun?

5. Weather that’s just right.

Boots, scarves and sweaters, OH YES. I’m over the heat and so ready for the crisp fall air. We have all paid our dues in sweat as we walked to class. I’m tired of wearing a hoodie in the morning and then being a puddle of sweat by mid afternoon. Bring on the long socks and cute cardigans please. Plus, boots look so good while walking on bricks.

6. Dust off your Bobcat attire.

Sure, the OU tank tops are fine but there is nothing better (or easier) than walking to class in Bobcat hoodie and still looking like you have your life together. There are so many ways to make a hoodie or a long sleeve look great.

7. Try new foods at the Pawpaw Festival!

It just would not be Athens in the fall without the Paw Paw festival. What better way to celebrate the largest native tree fruit than to give it a whole celebration? Live music, contests and trying as many foods made with pawpaw’s you can think of.

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8. Go see as many concerts as possible with friends.

Concert season.. Well, the first one anyway, turns Athens into a music extravaganza. Country Night Lights, Daya and PUBLIC, ChilLENT with Hillel and many many more. Go see one or go see them all no matter what you choose your weekends will be filled with music this fall.


9. See a football game with your parents during family weekend!

Now mom and dad can experience Ohio University in fall, too! Go see the football game, go ziplining or just adventure uptown. Besides, when parents come down that means we get free groceries and non-dining hall food! That in itself is something to be celebrated.

10. Go on adventures with Outdoor Pursuits!

Hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and campfires. Ohio University in fall calls for outdoor activities. Outdoor pursuits is open to anyone and everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a an expert, make some new friends while exploring new places!

What do you love about Ohio University in fall? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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