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10 Reasons To Love Fall At UO

10 Reasons To Love Fall At UO

Summer has passed and classes are already flying by. Below is a list of all the reasons we should get excited for fall at UO!

Summer has passed and classes are already flying by. Before we know it, fall will officially kick off and the Oregon ducks will begin their migration to Eugene. Below is a list of all the reasons we should get excited for fall at UO!


Though the football season officially starts at the beginning of September, coming back to school isn’t as terrible knowing there are plenty of football games to attend.

2. Picture perfect falling leaves.

For all you photographers and models, fall at the UO means plenty of photo opportunities. With the abundance of trees on and off campus, there’s never a shortage of leaves to jump in.


3. The campus landscaping is perfect for long walks to class.

The UO campus is set up in a way that is perfect for the fall weather. Trees surround both sides of the paths and light rain gives it a perfect autumn atmosphere. Long walks across campus are beautiful, as is the smell of fresh rain.

4. The new EMU.

Though this is specific to Fall term 2016, it’s still a reason to be excited about attending the UO! The new and improved EMU is now available for student use. Complete with club rooms, study areas, and a food court, it’s the perfect hangout and homework spot on campus.

5. Beautiful hiking trails.

Rain doesn’t stop us Oregonians from hitting the trails. If you like bundling up and going on adventures, Fall is the time to do so.


6. Halloween SpookTastic.

This is an annual concert put on by the music department, so if you enjoy a string orchestra rocking out to Monster Mash, then this is your scene.

Are you excited to see these guys play this fall at UO?

7. Nearby pumpkin patches.

What is fall at UO without pumpkins? Check out the nearby pumpkins patches not far from campus to get in the harvest spirit.

8. Break out the cooler weather accessories!

Fashionistas will be in heaven. Due to the chilly, windy, and occasionally rainy environment, scarfs, sweaters, rain boots, and beanies are all frequently seen around campus this time of year.

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9. Gorgeous Bike paths.

Just like hiking, biking trails are plentiful and beautiful in Eugene. Go for a ride after class!


10. Lots of Halloween parties!

UO students love Halloween. There’s never a shortage of costume parties and the celebration usually lasts an entire weekend. If you live for Halloween, you will love fall at UO.

 What do you love about fall at UO? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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