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10 Reasons To Love Fall at UNH

10 Reasons To Love Fall at UNH

Where did the summer go!? Here are 10 reasons why UNH is one of the best schools to experience fall! Keep reading for reasons to love fall at UNH!

Where did the summer go!? The smell of apple crisp and pumpkin carving is right around the corner! Here are 10 reasons why UNH is one of the best schools to experience fall! Keep reading for reasons to love fall at UNH!

1. The fact that the weather at UNH during the fall is actually perfect.

Obviously the weather! You are located in the heart of fall foliage in New England. The leaves change to absolutely amazing reds and oranges! Not only that, but the weather couldn’t be more perfect. Crisp, cool, with warm sunshine.

2. You can wear scarves, sweaters, booties and beanies comfortably to class.

Breaking out your fall-almost-winter wardrobe is also fun! One of my favorites is starting to wear all the sweaters and booties that have been hidden in my closet since the end of last winter!


3. Fall at UNH means homecoming and football games are right around the corner.

FOOTBALL SZN! Probably the best part of fall at UNH is going to the tailgates and football games with friends! Attend a game and cheer on your wildcats! Not to mention, we just got a new stadium!!

4. UNH is minutes away from some of the most authentic apple orchards and pumpkin patches in the country.

Apple picking and pumpkin patch picking with your roomie or S.O.!! Go to the closest orchard, farmers’ market, or pumpkin patch and make a day of it! You will definitely be able to get some cute pictures out of the trip.


5. No other school does Halloween quite like UNH does.

Halloween at UNH could be one of the most fun weekends of the year to ever occur. UNH students even call it Hallo-weekend, because students go out two, three, four times out of the week to celebrate the festivities. Go with your friends to the Halloween store and pick out the all-time amazing outfit.


Some of the best haunted villages/haunted hay rides are also close to campus! Feel like getting spooked? Head to DeMeritt Farm for their amazing haunted village attraction, Haunted Overload, with life actors and re-enactments.

6. Sip some delicious, fresh soup from the Portsmouth Soupery or a enjoy a candy apple from Kilwins.

We have Portsmouth for all the fun fall stops. Take a road trip to Portsmouth and spend the day by the water front enjoying a candy apple from Kilwins or some piping hot soup from the Soupery. (Located right next to the Juicery.) You can also shop at some of the cute local boutiques. Just make sure not to spend too much of that moola. After all, #brokecollegestudent is all too real.

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7. The hiking trails around UNH are the best for enjoying the forests’ foliage.

Wake up early one Saturday and take a trip up to a mountain trail and go for a nice nature walk. Multiple mountains in the area having amazing views.

8. Any type of exercise done outdoors feels refreshing and comfortable.

Feeling athletic? Take a crisp run on an early morning and stop at Breaking New Grounds or the Juicery downtown for a refreshing coffee or smoothie!


9. Enjoy Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Pumpkin Pie iced coffee around campus before they stop selling them!

Ok…We couldn’t not say it. #PSL. Make a list of your favorite coffee shops and visit some shops and try out their fall flavored specials! Ugh a pumpkin spice latte, delish!

10. You can wear anything, do anything, and go anywhere while the weather is not too hot and not too cold.

Fall in New England is one season where the weather is absolutely perfect to do anything, wear anything, and go anywhere! Hang out on T-Hall lawn and enjoy the last days of warmth. Take a run outside after class in just a light sweatshirt. Take a trip to places you won’t be able to enjoy as much during the long, harsh winters of New England. Winter is soon to come, so enjoy the good weather while it lasts!

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