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10 Reasons To Love Fall at TU

10 Reasons To Love Fall at TU

Welcome to New Orleans! Here are 10 reasons to love the months that are technically designated as fall at TU and in New Orleans.

Welcome to New Orleans, a magical place where it never gets cold. Fall at TU does not exist. It’s above 80 degrees until mid-October, and then it pretty much hovers in the mid-seventies until February, and then it just gets hot again. This is not the land of riding boots and vests, pumpkin spice lattes and hot chocolate, or colorful leaves and pumpkin patches. This is the land where your hair is really big and you sweat a lot and fruity drinks are appropriate year round. In other words, the tropics. So here are 10 reasons to love the months that are technically designated as fall at TU and in New Orleans.

So many reasons to love Fall at Tu!

1. The tailgates.

It may not be chilly, but we do still have fall football. Being able to wear (exclusively) a jersey to every tailgate, cause it’s a gazillion degrees outside, definitely isn’t awful. Not to mention our tailgates are pretty poppin’; with a plethora of fraternity tents, and everybody covered in temporary TU tattoos.

2. Pumpkin Velvet Ice.

PJ’s coffee, the New Orleans staple that is basically our Starbucks (there isn’t a Starbs on TU’s campus) makes something called a Pumpkin Velvet Ice. Think of a pumpkin flavored frapp, but smoother. This way, we can pretend that it’s not 90 degrees, while not having to drink something that’s 100 degrees.



Voodoo fest, one of NOLA’s largest festivals, is a music and arts event that happens Halloween weekend in New Orleans. It features big name acts like The Weekend, as well as local acts like The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. It is awesome.

4. Our Halloween.

Nobody does Halloween quite like New Orleans. There are plenty of spooky things happening around the city to celebrate the holiday. I mean we do live in a town that has a Museum of Death and a “Krewe De Boo,” which puts on a big parade close to Halloween every year.

5. Who Dat?!

Fall in NOLA means the return of The Saints, which means the LA students will be sharing their traditions, and you may get to go to a Pro football game with one of your classes. Tulane is cool.


6. Thanksgiving.

Whether you’ll be in the city for actual Turkey Day or not, there are plenty of new and old traditions to take part in. Mahoney’s features a turducken po-boy, and the Celebration in The Oaks, a pretty rocking light show at City Park, begins on Thanksgiving.

7. The foodie festivals.

NOLA is definitely a food/drink city, and fall brings about the best of some of its food related events. Must hits include The Beignet Festival, The Fried Chicken Festival, and The Oak Street Po-Boy Fest.

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8. The cultural events.

Fall brings a bounty of cultural events and festivals to New Orleans. Oktoberfest, a celebration of German heritage, runs every weekend that month. Carnival Latino also happens in the fall, along with Japan Society of New Orleans’ Japan Fest.


9. The weather.

As we get into October down here in the south the weather goes from unbearably hot and sticky, and constantly raining, to just about perfect. You can’t beat three months of consistently seventy-five degree days.

10. TUCP events.

At the beginning of every school year Tulane University Campus Programming puts on tons of awesome free or inexpensive events for students. From comedy shows, to big name music acts, to “Fridays on the Quad,” they know how to keep their Tulanians happy.

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