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10 Reasons To Love Fall At TCNJ

10 Reasons To Love Fall At TCNJ

From the beautiful sights to the super fun activities like homecoming week, there is always something to do. Here are 10 reasons to love fall at TCNJ!

Lucky for us TCNJ students, fall is an amazing time of year on campus! From the beautiful sights to the super fun activities like homecoming week, there is always something to do. Here are 10 reasons to love fall at TCNJ!

1. The sights on campus.

TCNJ has a breathtaking campus, especially in the fall! The lakes are a truly beautiful sight, especially when they are surrounded by the color changing leaves! No matter if you’re just walking to class or doing homework with your friends by the lake, TCNJ’s landscapes are picture-perfect!

2. Lip sync and dance during spirit week!

Spirit week at TCNJ = lip sync and dance! Get ready to watch your friends be your entertainment for the night because lip sync and dance seems to be the main attraction! Get your popcorn ready, folks!


3. Homecoming tailgate can’t be missed!

TCNJ’s homecoming is one of the most exciting days of the year! Our tailgate is an amazing way to hang out with friends and meet alumni, while the football game afterwards is the perfect way to show your TCNJ spirit!

4. Wearing all of your favorite sweaters.

Vests and flannels and sweaters, oh my! Walking around campus during the fall and getting fashion inspiration is one of my favorite parts of the season! Well, next to pumpkin lattes, of course!

5. The fall flavors!

Speaking of, get excited TCNJ students! Having a Starbucks in our bookstore is the perfect quench to our pumpkin latte thirst! Mmm-mmm!


6. All of the Halloween festivities!

What’s better then getting to play pretend? Get brainstorming on costume ideas, ladies and gentlemen, because this holiday will be here before you know it!

7. Go apple picking at your favorite orchard.

My personal favorite activity to do in fall is apple picking! TCNJ has a super close apple orchard, Terhune Farms, that’s perfect for the occasion! You can bring your friends, family, and it would even make for a super cute date! Happy apple picking!

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8. Cozy nights in are the best.

Fall evenings mean colder evenings and we become less likely to want to hang out outside. This fall, stock up on fuzzy blankets, get ready to cuddle, and expect some movie nights! Also, T-Dubs, the late-night dining hall, becomes your best friend when you and your friends don’t want to venture to Eickhoff Hall in the cold! Enjoy!


9. You don’t have to wait for football season anymore!

Fall is the best season to show your school spirit! Deck out in your favorite TCNJ gear, grab everyone on your floor and go cheer on our football team! Go Lions!

10. Thanksgiving break is on its way!

Last but not least, fall at TCNJ means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This means yummy food, family time, and a break from classes! TCNJ has such an open and friendly campus, and so this time of year is so amazing to be surrounded by our positive and giving campus community!

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