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10 Reasons To Love Fall At Liberty University

10 Reasons To Love Fall At Liberty University

You can’t deny that fall is one of the best seasons to be an LU student. Keep on reading for 10 reasons to love fall at Liberty University!

A lot of LU students love every aspect of summer on campus- the warm embrace from the sun every time you step outside, chilling outside the student center with your friends, and snow cones being passed out every once in a while- but you can’t deny that fall is one of the best seasons to be an LU student. Keep on reading for 10 reasons to love fall at Liberty University!

1. It’s the most wonderful time of the year- FLAMES FOOTBALL!

LU is known for how hype the football games are and how the student section goes all out. Decked in red- some of us painted head to toe and doused in glitter- we come together as one body to cheer on our team. There is nothing like being in that stadium in the presence of all your friends, watching the fireworks go off for every touchdown, chanting among hundreds of people for our school. Another plus is the bookstore discount every time we win!

Football is the best part of fall at Liberty University!

2. You don’t have to dread walking to class.

I can relate to this all too well. Although I’m a freshman, I live on South Campus and I know how much we all dread walking to Demoss when it’s 90+ degrees outside. But no one has to worry about that when a nice fall breeze is there for everyone to enjoy on their stroll to class. So long, bus trips back to the dorm- I’ll be walking instead.


3. You can show off all of your sweaters and boots!

I know almost every girl on campus has been waiting to break out her flannel, booties, sweater, and fuzzy socks since September rolled around. The iconic flannel and boots look is back and here to stay. There’s nothing like being able to be cozy, yet cute at the same time during fall at Liberty University.

4. The annual SCAREMARE!

Personally, I have yet to experience the rumored-to-be terrifying Halloween tradition that is Scaremare. But in addition to gaining CSER hours, it’s an awesome tradition that students look forward to going to every October. If you love being scared and/or scaring others, Scaremare is the place to be this Halloween.


 5. Breaks from school.

Everyone misses home at some point. Thankfully, if you can’t go home for fall break, Thanksgiving break is your chance to see your family. Fall break comes at the perfect time for every homesick freshman that has been on their own for the first time in their lives, and provides enough freedom to the junior who has been home with their family all summer long.

6. CFAW!

Alright- even though it may be frustrating to share the campus with high school students for a weekend, it is fun to see them experience Liberty first hand. The food at the Rot gets better too- that’s always a plus. We get to show these students why we’re all here and why we love Liberty for all that it is!


7. Tailgating with friends.

This goes hand in hand with football season. Tailgating with your bro and sis dorm is an awesome perk of living on campus. You get to hang out with the people you already know, and meet people you don’t! It’s awesome to see the sea of red outside your building, along with the smell of fresh BBQ.

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8. Fantastic convo speakers.

It’s cool enough that we get to come together as a school to worship in convo three times a week, but the people we get to see are pretty cool, too. Who else gets to see Chris Broussard, For King and Country, Tim Hawkins, and Ayesha Curry all speak at their school in one semester?

9. The picture perfect fall foliage.

The satisfying crunch of fall leaves under your boots is a sound I’ll never get tired of. There are so many gorgeous trees around campus that you can’t help but notice them change and decorate the ground with color during the fall months.


10. It’s (kind of) almost Christmas!

You can’t love fall at Liberty University without getting hype that Christmas is right around the corner. Soon enough we’ll be sledding and caroling all over the place, and the fall semester will be over before we know it- so enjoy it while it lasts!

 What are your favorite things about fall at Liberty University? Comment below and share the article!
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