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9 Reasons to Love Fall at Kent State

9 Reasons to Love Fall at Kent State

Kent is filled with beautiful sights that turn into an abundance of colors once autumn arrives. Here’s 10 reasons that we love fall at Kent State.

There are many reasons to love fall. From the cool air which allows for a warmer wardrobe, to pumpkin carving and drinking hot coffee, we’re obsessed with the season entirely. In Ohio, we’re lucky enough to experience all four seasons, even if every day is unpredictable. At Kent State, our campus is filled with beautiful sights that turn into an abundance of colors once Autumn arrives. Here’s 10 reasons that will no doubt make you fall in love with fall at Kent State.

1. Enjoy a relaxing walk to class now that the weather is perfect!

Walking across campus can turn into lingering across campus, especially in the heat that is always with us for the first couple weeks of class. In fall, the walk to class can be enjoyable, with a cool breeze blowing through your hair and sweat nowhere to be found.

2. Time to unleash your inner sports fan!

Fall is the time for football, and a great way to spend your Saturday is sitting with some friends while cheering on the Golden Flashes. It’s a perfect way to socialize and show your school spirit, too.


3. Pumpkin coffee and lattes have invaded campus.

Whether it be Einstein’s, Jazmin’s Café, or Starbucks, pumpkin coffee and lattes are definitely in season. Grab one on your way to class, or while catching up on some homework.

4. Time to put the best costume ever together for Halloween!

Fall means one thing: Halloween! Kent Halloween is a huge party scene. Dress up and go downtown with your friends, and you’ll be in the spirit in no time.

5. Downtown is absolutely gorgeous.

Kent downtown is picturesque during all seasons, but especially fall. From the reds, oranges, and yellows fall brings, the downtown area looks warm and inviting. Grab a bite to eat with your roomies, or take your parents out to dinner.

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6. The campus makes for the perfect insta-worthy photos.

Who doesn’t love to get the perfect picture? Fall’s abundance of colors and scenery make for a perfect backdrop, especially on Kent’s campus and downtown. Put on your cutest outfit and snap some pics, making your Instagram totally autumnal.


7. It’s time to finally break out all of those sweaters, scarves and boots you’ve been planning on wearing.

Everyone knows with fall comes new trends- darker lipsticks, over sized sweaters, and cute booties. Styling outfits can be so much fun, especially at this time of year.


8. Everyone is outside, take the opportunity to meet new people!

It’s no doubt when the weather gets nicer and cooler, campus is surrounded with students everywhere. Fall at Kent State makes for the perfect relaxing weather, and just outside of the Student Center is always a poppin’ spot.

9. And finally, it’s one season closer to Christmas!

What is your favorite thing about fall at Kent State? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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