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10 Reasons To Love Fall At Clemson

10 Reasons To Love Fall At Clemson

As the weather cools and the leaves turn, there’s no better place to be than on Clemson’s campus. Keep reading for 10 reasons to love fall at Clemson!

Fresh starts and new beginnings take place every year after the end of summer when fall officially begins. As the weather cools and the leaves slowly turn to reds and browns, there’s no better place to experience fall than on Clemson’s campus. Keep reading for 10 reasons to love fall at Clemson!

1. The weather is just right! Finally!

Here in South Carolina, fall’s temperatures are not too hot, but not too cold. It is the absolute perfect combination. The crisp, cool air is a fresh break from the hot, humid weather that leaves you sweating while walking to class. Head outside and enjoy the nice autumn breeze!

2. The views of Clemson’s campus.

Walking through campus during fall is one beautiful sight. Red, orange, and brown leaves cover sidewalks while a canopy of trees surrounds Clemson’s pathways. Enjoy the outdoors and really experience the beauty of Clemson during the fall.


3. Don’t miss out on all of the homecoming events!

Homecoming is one of the best and most important traditions during fall at Clemson. Starting with floats being made and set up on Bowman field to ending the week with a football game, homecoming week is a fun filled week of many festivities.

4. You can finally show off your favorite sweaters, scarves, and boots.

Not only will fashionistas be in heaven, but I will be too. My absolute favorite part about fall is the wide variety of different outfit combinations. Sweaters, boots, and scarves are basically my entire wardrobe in my closet currently. Throw on your boots and sweaters and rock your outfit of the day.

5. Go pumpkin picking at Denver Downs!

Take a break from school and head over to Denver Downs. Situated in Anderson, this cute little farm opens its doors to the public for pumpkin picking, walks through a corn maze, haunted house adventures, hayrides and more!


6. You get to be a tour guide for parent’s weekend.

Trust me, whether you want to admit it or not, there always comes a time that you begin to miss your family. No use in trying to play it cool and act like you don’t because we all know you cried the day they dropped you off and left. This weekend during the beginning of fall finally gives you the chance to be a tour guide and show your parents Clemson’s beautiful fall campus.

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7. Apple picking at your favorite orchard.

With Clemson being surrounded by endless farm fields, you are bound to find many apple orchards nearby. Head out to one and spend a day outside picking apples. Not only is it a perfect picture opportunity, but you also gain a nice little treat!

8. Embrace the invasion of everything that is pumpkin spice.

As basic as this is, pumpkin spiced drinks are life. Hoards of girls wait for the arrival of this seasonal drink every year, which is why I had to include it. Warning to all: Prepare to wait in long lines at Starbucks.

9. The abundance of Halloween parties!

Halloween, the one holiday where you can pretend to be something else for the day, is one exciting weekend here in Clemson. Note that I said weekend and not day because here in Clemson, students go out two, three, or even four times during the week to celebrate this holiday. Get a head start and begin brainstorming your Halloween outfits!


10. No more waiting for football season!

And last but not least, fall at Clemson means football. Don’t worry I could never forget about football season. Fall is a wonderful season where Clemson’s school spirit never ceases to fall (see what I did there?). Get ready for some awesome tailgates and hype games!

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