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8 Reasons To Love Fall At ASU

8 Reasons To Love Fall At ASU

From the perfect weather to all of the breaks to look forward to, it's hard to beat ASU. Keep reading for 8 reasons to love fall at ASU!

Fall is my favorite time of the year at ASU. From the perfect weather now that we’re out of the monsoon season, to all of the breaks to look forward to, it’s hard to beat. Luckily, there are plenty of fun fall activities at ASU. Keep reading for 8 reasons to love fall at ASU!

1. Eating all of the delicious food at the Arizona State Fair!

Corn dogs, deep fried anything, and delicious fluffy cotton candy. Don`t get me started on the deep-fried Oreos!

2. The cooler weather is such a relief.

Finally it`s not 120 degrees. Now it`s around 90 and if were lucky it`s only 80. But nights are actually pretty chilly and need a jacket! So don’t forget a jacket sun devils!


3. Cuddle season!

Doesn’t matter if you’re cuddling with your pillows and blankets, go get yourself a fluffy blanket and a hot coco and start Netflix binging!


4. You can finally cheer on the Sun Devils!

Football season is finally here sun devils! That means tailgates, football, and Maroon and Gold everywhere!

Isn't football the best thing about fall at ASU?!

5. Halloween is right around the corner!

Finally, everyone’s favorite time of the year, Halloween where you can be anyone you want to be and Halloweek is a huge part of ASU!


6. That also means Thanksgiving break!

I mean who doesn’t love stuffing their face with their family? Thanksgiving break is right around the corner!

7. Pumpkin spice lattes have invaded campus!

EVERYWHERE! Starbucks and Charlie`s Café in the library stock up with pumpkin spice lattes!

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8. No more monsoon weather!

Finally, no more rain and horrible dust storms.

Have a great fall semester Sun Devils!

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