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6 Reasons To Love Chicago

6 Reasons To Love Chicago

The reasons to love Chicago are countless. Find out why I love Chicago. Here is why Chicago is the best city in the United States. These Chicago signs rock.

The Hollywood version of the most charming American city is New York. Everything happens there: watershed meetings, world’s Armageddons, career ups and down, and other blah-blah-blahs making you want to jump aboard and go to The Big Apple… But what about The Windy City you all know as Chicago? In a best-case scenario, movies describe it as a gray, cold, and industrial city full of overweight gangsters with a terrible “Da” accent, dreaming about moving to NY or LA as soon as possible. Yeah, long live the stereotypes because there are multiple reasons to love Chicago!

Living in Chicago, I do my best to debunk all myths about my city as occasion serves. No, I don’t pick fights with tourists or spam in comments every time someone calls Chicago a crap. What I do is declare my love for this city time and again, and I am happy to know it reciprocates my feelings. So, I love you, Chicago, because…well, there are many reasons to love Chicago.



1. Your skyscrapers get alone with beautiful parks.

Oh, your sky-high buildings take away my breath! Willis Tower with its glass terraces at the 100+ meters elevation and its Signature Room at the 95th tempt to visit it in the evening for a glass of wine and admiration of the city at night. And what about your Millennium Park with its Cloud Gate we all call The Bean and its Lurie Garden with its picknicks, jazz concerts, film exhibitions, and ice rinks in winter? A must-visit for tourists and locals. Get ready for the many reasons to love Chicago!


2. Your Michigan Lake allows celebrating all seasons.

Don’t trust those saying your lake is small and its beaches aren’t real! We can surf there, we can get a sun-tan there, lying on a white sand and taking in the view, and we can celebrate Christmas there because your lake freezes up in winter. So, bite me, you non-believers.


3. Your pizza is the biggest and yummiest.

Okay, most tourists are sure we love and eat nothing but a deep dish pizza. That’s not true, but gosh… It’s nevertheless so yummy! Impossible to eat alone because of size and tons of fillings, your pizza is perfect to share with friends!


4. You inspire me to do my job for more than money.

Years of study at your university allowed me to fathom a mystery of writing craft and fall in love with a language once and forever. Your Tribune Tower with my highly respected newspaper office inspires to write for more than monetary rewards: I blog for the plagiarism check tool for a greater good of every single writing piece, no matter what others call it. Your Green Mill remembers Al Capone but today inspires me to come with a laptop and write my texts there, listening to jazz and poetry performances. Oh yes, it’s you Chicago present Kimberly Gordon and Patricia Barber to the world – this is why I love you, too (well, it’s one of the reasons to love Chicago).


5. And your Wacker Drive saves my slim figure after eating it.

Chicago, you are the best city to fall in love with jogging! Your Wacker Drive with its spectacular views and breathtaking architectural landscapes motivates to join dozens of runners and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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6. You are the main character of my favorite romcoms.

While You Were Sleeping and The Lake House – these movies revealed the beauty and romantic nature of you, Chicago, to the world. Now everyone knows what a glorious view you have as well as what homelike you may be for people in search of love. And here everyone can visit Park Grill, the restaurant where Sandra Bullock waited for Keanu Reeves in The Lake House.

But, who knows, maybe I love these movies so much because I see you in them.

You are big yet cozy, magnificent yet funny, multinational yet individualistic… Every day you are different, Chicago. And this is why I love you.


What are YOUR reasons to love Chicago?

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