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10 Reasons To Love Cardi B

10 Reasons To Love Cardi B

Cardi B has been sweeping the nation since she came out with her first hit single “Bodak Yellow” in the summer of 2017. Well really, she first appearing on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop where we got to see her working hard and making her way to the top of her music career. Since then, you can’t go very far without hearing her name, Cardi B. And what’s wrong with that? What is there not to love about her? Here are 10 reasons to love Cardi B.

1. Started From The Bottom

Not too long ago, Cardi B was just a girl from the Bronx trying to live her best life. She attended school as well as dancing in strip clubs to keep up with paying her bills. All the while she had big dreams of becoming a rapper and worked hard despite people telling her their doubts about it. On VH1’s Love and Hip Hop, you see her in the music studio focused on her music and her determination really showed. She didn’t give up and now she’s all over Times Square on billboards.


2. Works Hard

As stated before, she worked really hard to get where she is today. She didn’t let failure become an option for her. She didn’t let people try to stop her from chasing her dream. She did everything she had to do to make it there. And once she got there, she hasn’t stopped. She has come out with an album, Invasion of Privacy, and many hit singles. Not to mention, she’s collaborated with many singers such as Bruno Mars and Jennifer Lopez. She hasn’t stopped working hard and from the looks of it, doesn’t plan too.

10 Reasons To Love Cardi B

3. Fame Hasn’t Changed Her

From the looks of it, Cardi B has a very big personality. She doesn’t hold anything back and lets people know how she really feels. She curses, makes dirty jokes, and laughs all for her enjoyment and of others. She hasn’t let the pressure of fame and the fact that she has more eyes on her change the way she is and honestly, that’s what makes the public love her so much.


4. Sticks To Her Word

If she says she is going to do something, she does it. Cardi B is not one to back down from saying what she has to say or doing what she has to do, including trying to fight Nicki Minaj at New York’s Fashion Week. Good thing security was there to restrain her.

5. She Tells It How It Is

If she doesn’t like you then she will let you know that she doesn’t like you. If she loves you to the moon and beyond she will let you know. If she thinks you’re doing something stupid, she will not hold back on letting you know. Cardi B doesn’t sugar coat anything.


10 Reasons To Love Cardi B

6. She Inspires Women To Take Charge Of Their Lives

Cardi B is an independent woman. And she lets everyone know that you can be independent too even if you have a man. She inspires women and girls to take control of their lives and not let anyone tell them what they can and can’t do. And to not settle for less than what they deserve. 

7.  She Respects Herself

She mentions a lot in interviews and in her songs how she uses to be a stripper. She never says it as a bad thing, she never downgrades herself for that. She shows it as a way for her to make the money she needed to make to live her life. She shows a lot of self-respect when talking about her past and involved with her marriage to Offset.

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8. She Loves Her Daughter

Even though Cardi B has ever only posted one of two pictures of her daughter, Kulture, on Instagram, from the rest of her posts you can tell how much she loves her daughter. She even puts it in her song Money, “Nothin in this world that I love more than Kulture” And that is an adorable unique name!


9. She Is Entertaining

Look up her interviews on Youtube or watch her Instagram videos, no matter what she is entertaining, laughing and having a good time. Most importantly, Cardi B is just being herself. 

10 Reasons To Love Cardi B

10. Her Music Gets You Pumped

Cardi B’s music has the habit of making you feel like a badass woman who won’t let anything stop you. Perfect to play when you’re in a mood to take control of your life.


What do you love about Cardi B? Let us know in the comments below!

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