10 Reasons To Love Brendon Urie

Brendon Urie is the lead single of the band Panic! At the Disco, and he is an amazing human being. For over ten years, his success has only grown despite him being the only remaining member of the band. According to fans and interviews, Brendon is a genuinely nice, easy going guy, which only makes us love him like crazy for existing. If you’re not sure why you should appreciate his existence, here are 10 reasons to love Brendon Urie.

1. None Of His Albums Are Ever The Same

Of course, this includes his early stuff with his old bandmates, but every album that Panic! has put out has never been the same. When Brendon became the remaining member in 2015, he continued that pattern by making his next two albums anything but similar. It’s hard to hate a band when they come out with different material for all kinds of taste.

10 Reasons To Love Brendon Urie

2. He Still Likes To Perform At Small Venues

Brendon Urie has become such a success with his band that you basically can not see him for general admission anywhere anymore. Last year, Brendon announced a couple of secret shows, one being at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ, where fans had to figure out where it was and tickets immediately sold out before the performance that same night.

He played in front of a much smaller crowd than usual, where fans had the opportunity to fight their way to the front. He mentioned how it reminded him of his earlier shows when he was just getting started. I don’t know of any other successful band who has done that for themselves and their fans.

3. Collaborated On His Own Brand Of Beer

Recently, it was announced that Brendon Urie collaborated with Asbury Park Brewery on a new limited edition IPA called I!PATD, sold exclusively at the brewery. Of all the places in the world, it’s obvious that he must be a fan of Asbury Park, right? He even signed a few of the 6-pack of cans, which were handed out at random to buyers and all the cans were sold out in the first day. The brewery, however, still has the beer on tap while supplies last.

10 Reasons To Love Brendon Urie

4. His Love For His Wife Is So Heartfelt And Pure

For those of you who didn’t know that Brendon Urie is married, we can mourn together. But their relationship is one that you’ll find yourself rooting for once you hear about it and follow his wife, Sara Urie, on Instagram.

The way they met is an unforgettable story. He met her while on tour for Pretty Odd, seeing her outside his tour bus with her friend and instantly being smitten by her. He asked her to have a drink with him and found out soon that she already had a boyfriend. Even though she wasn’t interested in being with anyone else, by that point they had already been vibing so well he couldn’t just forget her. Around 8 months later, they made their way back to each other and this time she was single. The rest is history. You gotta respect her for being so full of confidence to turn down Brendon Urie, probably one reason he liked her so much.

On her Instagram you can see a peep into their lives together, her behind the scenes footage of his performances, the vacations they take together, birthdays they celebrate and of course their dogs. Not to mention he has sung to her on her birthday; talk about her own personal show.

10 Reasons To Love Brendon Urie

5.  He Used To Sing For Tips

In an old video of an interview with Brendon Urie, he mentions how before he had a career in a successful band he used to work at an ice cream shop where he would sing for fun. He realized that people liked what they heard and soon began singing for tips instead. That’s one way to earn a paycheck as a teen, right?

6. His Music Videos Are Fun To Watch

From the beginning, Brendon Urie has starred in awesome music videos that are entertaining to watch, even if it gets a little odd. Ranging from the circus wedding in “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” to the bad boy assassin in “Say Amen (Saturday Night)”, watching them almost never disappoints.

10 Reasons To Love Brendon Urie

7. He Appreciates His Fans

Brendon Urie is the type of celebrity who really embraces his fans. While performing at his shows he takes a moment where he does the “Death Walk” where he enters the crowd during his performance of his song Death of a Bachelor. It was also said recently that he invited a few fans on stage to sing “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” along with him.

10 Reasons To Love Brendon Urie

8. He Makes Phenomenal Covers

Brendon Urie not only likes to create different types of his own music, but he has also sung and recorded himself singing a variety of covers; nailing it each time. Some songs that he has covered are Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), The Greatest Show (Hugh Jackman), and Hey Ya! (Outkast), to name a few.

9. He Likes People For Who They Are

It was mentioned in a recent interview with Papermag that Brendon Urie identifies himself as pansexual. He is supportive of the LGBTQ community and mentions how he likes people for who they are, no matter what gender.

10 Reasons To Love Brendon Urie

10. He Gives So Much Energy During A Performance

Similar to Queen’s Freddy Mercury, Brendon Urie loves to put on a hype show for his fans. Dancing around, getting the crowd involved, and even doing a backflip during the brief, suspenseful pause in his song “Miss Jackson”. He is most definitely a fun time to watch.

10 Reasons To Love Brendon Urie

What else do you love about Brendon Urie? Let us know in the comments below!

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