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10 Vital Reasons To Leave An Unhealthy Relationship

10 Vital Reasons To Leave An Unhealthy Relationship

Unhealthy relationships, are something that we all at one point or another, have either been in ourselves or witnessed up close. There could be one good thing about a person that you allow to outweigh all the bad, hence, being in an unhealthy relationship.

No matter how “sweet” someone is to you sometimes or how they always apologize for their fuckery after they have committed it, YOU SHOULD NEVER STAY IN AN UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP BY ANY MEANS! Life is too incredibly short to be in a fucked up relationship that is only stunting your growth as person.

Need more reasons why you or someone you know should leave an unhealthy relationship? Okay – here are 10 vital reasons that’ll assist you in you decision:

1. Mentality

When you are in an unhealthy relationship, your mentality is extremely messed with. You think of the most mundane reasons why you should stay and ignore the glaring reasons why you should leave. Staying in an unhealthy relationship, will indeed have a negative impact on your mind.

10 Vital Reasons To Leave An Unhealthy Relationship

2. Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem, is another thing that will be negatively impacted by you staying in your unhealthy relationship. You may think that your partner, is the “best you will ever get” and that their mistreatment towards you is “tolerable” or “common” in relationships. WRONG!

3. Self-Image

How you view yourself, is the most important view than how others view you. Being in an unhealthy relationship though, will have you trying to look how your partner either wants you to or how you feel they make you feel by how they treat you.

10 Vital Reasons To Leave An Unhealthy Relationship

4. Self-Worth

Your self-worth is significantly altered by your unhealthy ass relationship. You’ll feel like you’re not “good enough” or that you “deserve” whatever fuckery is happening in your relationship. And if not checked and corrected, you will continue the cycle all your life in your future relationships.

5. Time

Time is something we all take way too lightly. We don’t treasure time as we should because we think we’ll have ample amounts of it and that’s not true at all. Staying in a relationship that you know is no good for you, is you basically deciding that you have no problem wasting your time that could be spent in better ways i.e. bettering yourself and/or with someone who deserves you.

6. Personal Growth

You are without question, stunting your own personal growth, by continuing in a relationship that is the definition of “shit”. You can never grow and become all that you were created to be and aspire to be, if you remain with someone who does not believe in you nor your aspirations.

7. Family and Friends

Though it is your life and decision to stay in your mess of a relationship, your decision to do so will more than likely have a domino effect on your relationship with your family and friends. Your family and friends love you so, they want the best for you. And you thinking that you already have “the best” for you, will change your interactions with the people who actually do truly love you.

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10 Vital Reasons To Leave An Unhealthy Relationship

8. Daily Life

The toils of your unhealthy relationship can even potential spill over into your daily life in various different ways. You may find that you can’t do your work and college assignments as efficiently as you need to because your mind is completely consumed with the ceaseless drama that is your relationship.

9. Focus

Being in an unhealthy relationship, will lead to you not being able to focus on the things should be focusing on. You’ll slack on doing what you need to do because you are too consumed with a partner who treats you terribly.

10. Happiness

You will never be happy nor know what happiness really is, if you stay in an unhealthy relationship. Happiness, is something we all want and deserve. And you must realize that your happiness is at stake if you don’t leave your bad relationship.

10 Vital Reasons To Leave An Unhealthy Relationship

Can you think of any more reasons to leave an unhealthy relationship? Let us know down below in the comments!

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