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13 Reasons To Dress Better

13 Reasons To Dress Better

There are many reasons to dress better, but we’re going to narrow them down to only 13. As a man, there comes a point in time where you actually have to learn how to dress. 

Unfortunately, men tend to think that knowing how to dress is dumb. This is just simply not the case. Even an unattractive man can dress well and look better than someone who has no clue what they’re doing. 

Learn how to dress man, your life will drastically improve. Women will want to be with you, men will wish they had your style. I’m going to help you.

1. A Better Job

You know how the saying goes, dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Yes, this is absolutely true. Aside from your resume, some jobs will know if you’re the right one as soon as you walk in the door. 


Dressing better can improve your chances of leaving that shitty 9-5 to an even better 9-5. If they say it’s business casual, don’t show up to the interview wearing khakis and a polo. 

Put some tailored pants on and throw a blazer over top the polo and you’ll impress as soon as you walk through the door. 

2. It Draws Attention

Do you know why peacocks have those feathers? The male peacock spreads his wings to court a mate, thus the reason for the term peacocking. 

If you dress better, you will attract the right kind of attention. It’s worked for me, when you’re the only one in the club with a turtleneck and double-breasted blazer, you get free drinks and eyes from babes.


Dress better man.

 3. First Impression

Whether you’re on a date, interview, or meeting the parents for the first time, they will already have preconceived notions about you before you even walk in the door. 

If you dress better, you will wow even their expectations, however low they may be. 

4. Confidence Boost

Deion Sanders has a quote that goes something like, “When you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you play good.” Probably the only thing ever said by Deion Sanders I would recommend listening to. 


Nevertheless, he is 100% correct. When you look damn good, you feel damn good. Even if you want to go casual, you can still dress it up and make it look nice. 

Dressing better will give you the boost you’ve been looking for. If you have trouble approaching women or want more likes on the gram, then dress better dude. 

13 Reasons To Dress Better

5. Form Of Expression

Expressing yourself can be complicated and oftentimes, people struggle to do just that. Using your clothing as a form of expression can lead to great success. 


6. It Can Be Fun

Halloween shouldn’t be the only time you have fun dressing up. Looking fly as shit can actually help you start your day off right. 

Finding your style and what articles of clothing best fit your personality is far more than just a chore or a mundane task. 

7. Life Is Generally Easier 

Dressing better will improve your day to day life in ways you could never imagine. Just the other day, I was walking back home from lunch and this lady randomly shouted out of her car just to tell me how awesome my coat was. 

Dressing better will get you noticed and when you amazing things will happen. Women will come up to you, random people will ask you for directions and style advice, people will inherently trust you more.


People will randomly compliment you because of how good you look. I’m not saying you have to wear a suit all the time, but you should dress in a way that catches people’s eyes. 

8. Appear Intelligent. 

As stated above, if you dress better, people will think you’re an approachable human being. They’ll trust you more so than they would the guy wearing a crummy t-shirt and baggy jeans. 

However, the greatest upside to this, is that if you tend to dress better than those around you, you’ll appear like someone who knows what they hell they’re talking about. Even if you have no clue. 

As an added effect, throw some swanky glasses on too. 


13 Reasons To Dress Better

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9. Gives You A Reason To Get In Shape

Wearing a suit or something a little more classy will require a nice snug fit. If these clothes seem to be a little baggy, then that means you need to pack on the pounds to fill them out. 

Getting in shape will only increase the need to update your wardrobe, which will allow you to experiment and really get into whatever style best suits you. 


Once you get in shape, you’ll start to realize how much better clothes fit you and thus you can begin a new and impressive transformation. 

10. Reinvent Yourself

If you’ve been struggling with who you are for a long time, then now might be the time for a change. Sometimes a change of scenery is needed, maybe a diet, and other times, it might you that needs a change.

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. That’s one of the things of beauty about this modern world, is that people are constantly changing and adapting in any way they need to.  

With social media so prevalent in today’s society, it is easy to show how you’ve changed yourself. Hell, if you post a before and after you might go viral and end up on Ellen or something. 


13 Reasons To Dress Better

11. Develop New Skills

Not too long ago, I was about to go out with my friends, just before we left I had to go to the bathroom. When I went to unbutton my pants, the button popped clean off! I was pissed. I just had to wear fancy pants that night. 

Due to this incident, I had to learn how to sew a button. I wasn’t going to pay a professional to do something I could easily just myself. 

A day and 10 minutes later, the button is back on my pants and stable once again. 


12. Feel Better

Aside from self-confidence, you will actually feel better. Like, wake up and feel good about your loathsome self. Once you see what you enjoy in the mirror, not only will you look good, but you’ll feel good too. 

13. Because Why Not?

Your choices are either dress like everyone else, or dress like you. Are you a sheep? Be a damn dragon. 

If you need any other reason to dress better than just know that men’s fashion is great now. There’s plenty of options, so there’s no excuse! Don’t forget to like and leave a comment down below!