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6 Reasons To Do An Internship Abroad

6 Reasons To Do An Internship Abroad

6 Reasons To Do An Internship Abroad

Interning abroad is a great way to get real world and on the job experience. It’ll give you an experience that you can’t get at home while you better yourself and become a more well-rounded person for the workplace!

Although you usually have to pay to do an internship abroad, it’s well worth your money. You’ll be rewarded in many different ways, including financially. Here’s 6 reasons why you should say yes to doing an internship abroad!

1. Ability To Network All Over The World

While you do an internship abroad you’ll come into contact with many different people all over the world that are in the same business as you. Hopefully you’ll work hard and build good relationships with these people. They may even be able to help you later on in your career.

If anything, you’ll build great and trusting work relationships you can learn from. When you return to your hometown and start applying for jobs these people may be able to help you! Who knows, you may even get a job abroad because of your networking experience from your internship.

6 Reasons To Do An Internship Abroad

2. Experience With Working Internationally

Not only will you get to network abroad, but you’ll gain lots of experience from working internationally. That’s something that’ll make you stand out when you go on your job search, as you’ll be more useful to companies who are working internationally. Your networking experience may come into hand here!

Being able to work internationally will put you ahead of people who may not have that experience. You’ll also be able to help your company when they’re handling matters that are across the ocean! International work experience is something that’ll prove to be very valuable and rewarding to you and future employers.

6 Reasons To Do An Internship Abroad

3. Traveling Experience

Although you’ll be working on your internship while you’re abroad, you’ll still have many chances to travel. You’ll get the experiences of seeing places you’ve never seen before and meeting many new people that can become lifelong friends. This could be people you meet that are doing the internship with you or even people you meet traveling!

Many people say traveling the world brings you many great and priceless experiences that’ll help you understand the world and people better. You get this chance when you do an internship abroad!

You won’t be working everyday so not only will you get to explore the town you’re working in, but you may even get to travel to countries close by on the weekends or breaks that your internship may give you!

6 Reasons To Do An Internship Abroad

4. Benefits Of Learning Another Language

Learning another language is beneficial to many jobs. It looks great on your resume and helps you to stand out because you can help companies communicate with people around the world. Learning and knowing another language will present you with many rewarding career opportunities.

According to Ryan McMunn at, knowing another language can potentially increase your salary up to 20%. He says that learning Mandarin is one of the best languages to learn because here in America not many people speak it. He says that learning Mandarin can potentially increase your salary up to 15-20%!

Having a second or even third language under your belt is not only beneficial in the workplace, but it can be great for when you travel again! It can help you to communicate with many different people who may not speak English, even in the place that you’re from.

6 Reasons To Do An Internship Abroad

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5. Build Your Confidence

Doing an internship abroad can be daunting. You’ll have to learn how to adapt to many different things and you may be stepping out of your comfort zone. But stepping out of your comfort zone is so good for you because you’ll learn and grow!

Although it may be difficult at first, you’ll build up your confidence every day. You’ll be proud of yourself for accomplishing something that isn’t easy. You’ll also be able to adapt to different situations quicker because of this experience and this will give you more confidence in yourself and in the workplace!

6 Reasons To Do An Internship Abroad

6. Looks Great On Your Resume

Doing an internship abroad benefits you personally and professionally. An internship abroad will stand out on your resume. It’s something that shows you have a unique experience that can put you ahead of the pack for lots of jobs!

In saying this, don’t just do an internship abroad because it’ll look good on your resume. Do it because you want to learn and grow, not only professionally, but personally. Do it because you’d love it!

You’ll gain experiences that are invaluable and will benefit you the rest of your life, but only if you choose to let that happen! So work hard and go into your internship with an open mind, ready to learn and explore.

6 Reasons To Do An Internship Abroad

There’s countless reasons why doing an internship abroad is amazing! It will benefit you personally and professionally. Let us know you’re interning abroad experiences in the comments below!

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