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12 Reasons To Celebrate Mardi Gras Every Year

12 Reasons To Celebrate Mardi Gras Every Year

March is around the corner and that means so is Mardi Gras. Rather if your down for the elaborate masks, or music here are 12 reasons to celebrate.

The count down to mardi gras begins since march is only three months away. Get your supplies now since everyone will be running to the store to get purple, gold, and green decorations. If your not familiar with mardi gras, we got you. Here are 12 reasons to celebrate mardi gras every year!

1. The different styles that come alive

If your lucky enough to travel down to New Orleans don’t be surprised if you encounter a number of different costumes. Style comes to life in this city of magic, as the people dance and sing to their hearts content. So get out your sewing machines, and start designing your signature look for this years mardi gras.

2. Masqurede masks

Not loving the makeup you spent an hour on? Don’t worry, thats what masks are for. Cover up in the signature theme colors of purple, green, and gold and get ready to party. Just don’t lose your friends since everyone might have a slightly similar mask that night.


3. Can you say parade floats?

The tradition first started out in France, but soon migrated over to New Orleans. Today people go all out on the floats building them bigger than the year before. You can usually spot some dancers, or other preforming acts on the floats ready to give the audience a night to remember.

4. The traditional Flameboux

Spinning, waving, or twirling  performers of the traditional flameboux dance along with the floats and other performers of the night. Carrying heavy fire torches they tend to lead the parade until the very end.

5. Eat up, its King Cake

One of the most highly anticipated highlights of mardi gras is king cake. The sweet pastry is decorated in green, purple, and gold frosting, but thats not the best part. Inside hides a secret treasure of a tiny plastic baby. The tiny doll is supposed to represent the three wise men who gave gifts to baby jesus in Bethlehem.


6. Its a time for balls

Rooted deeply in the french noble courts, the tradition of throwing balls has survived all the way to 2018. The events are invite only, and if you don’t have any connections there is a slim chance of getting in. However, if you manage the night will be ruled by old costumes like kings, and queens holding court as the guests dance to classical music.

7. Drinking on the streets

Only one holiday keeps you safe from being arrested for drinking on the streets and its mardi gras. All along the streets you will find people passed out or close to in New Orleans. The great thing is no one judges as all enjoy the never ending party.

8. Seeing stars

Sometimes you can catch a celebrity of a hit television series walking and enjoying the night. Just make sure that you are careful not to ask them too many questions. The security guards might have something to say to that.

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9. Dont forget the beads

It can’t be mardi gras without the traditional throwing of the beads. You can expect both people on the streets, performers, and even musicians to be handing out these goodies.

10. Fat Tuesday

In honor of mardi gras, people gorge themselves silly on yummy street and restaurant food. Just don’t overstuff your self to the point where you can’t get to your hotel.


11. Crawl fish

Need I say more?

12. Trip will friends

Not only is mardi gras a time to party, but its also about spending time with people you care about. So this year get your friends together and go enjoy.

Pack your bags and head to new orleans this year for Mardi Gras! Its a world unlike any other and needs to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Have you ever been? Tell us in the comments!
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