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5 Reasons To Be Yourself At A Big University

5 Reasons To Be Yourself At A Big University

Being yourself is important; here's why these reasons to be yourself in college are so crucial. Find out why you need to be your authentic self and allow your sincerity to shine through. Be yourself!

Just about anyone who’s gone to college will testify to the fact that it’s the best four years of your life. Spending time being independent, working on your future goals, and meeting your best friends is pretty much the ultimate recipe for a good time. While going to a big university is already fun, you’ll find that embracing your personality will make college even more memorable. Here are 5 important reasons to be yourself at a big university.

 1. It’s liberating.

Let’s face it: high school probably isn’t the most freeing place in the world. When you’re faced with the task of fitting in at whatever cost, you can lose some of the more critical parts of your personality. Being yourself is so liberating. It’s important to use your short time at a big university to continue discovering all of the things that make you, you.



2. You make more genuine friends.

Trying to change yourself to fit into a particular group of people rarely works out for anyone. I mean, they’ve made tons of movies about it (i.e. Mean Girls). You’ll find that being yourself attracts the kind of people that can become lifelong friends.


3. You end up having more fun.

Maintaining a different persona can be stressful and tiring. It’s hard to truly have a good time when you’re worried about having a certain appearance or impression, and going to college is supposed to be fun! Dancing like a complete idiot with your best friends will always win over acting cool at a party.



4. It can be easy to blend in.

For a lot of students, college is a huge change of pace. Take it from me: there were more people in my first ever college lecture than there were in my entire graduating class. With so many people in a smaller area, it can be easy to blend into the crowd and forget about some of the things that make you happy. So join that IM volleyball team, take an art class just because, and keep on being you.

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5. No one really cares.

The fifth and most mind-blowing reason: literally no one cares. College campuses are a strange place. You can see a girl in a lab coat and goggles, three dudes on one moped, and someone in a hot dog costume just on the walk to your 9am. Everyone does their own thing, so there’s really no reason to be someone you’re not. Trust me, even if you think you’re a tad on the weird side, you’re probably not as outrageous as the guy dressed like a hot dog. This truly is one of those reasons to be yourself; everyone is so consumed with their own lives, they aren’t paying attention to what you do. May as well be your genuine self.


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