10 Reasons To Be Excited For The Veronica Mars Reboot

Grab your tasers Marshmallows because this summer Veronica Mars is back and bringing with her all the mayhem Neptune has to offer. After being off the air for nearly 15-years the popular Neo-Noir show Veronica Mars is returning to the small screen, sort of. Hulu confirmed last fall the show is being brought back for eight hour long episodes. If rewatching the original series and movie isn’t enough to hype you up here is a list of reasons to be excited for the Veronica Mars reboot.

1. The OG Cast

A decent amount of the original cast has confirmed to come back. Now not everyone will be back though, Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell have both emphasized that this isn’t something that will be a complete throwback. Although we can’t help but get excited at the idea that Wallace and Veronica will be back together again.

10 Reasons To Be Excited For The Veronica Mars Reboot

2. New Faces

In addition to some of the original cast there will also be a bunch of new faces in Neptune. Actor Paton Oswald has signed on to be someone who will possibly help Veronica in her search for the culprit.

3. One Story-Arc

The original run did face one story-line that was solved over the course of a season it won’t include mystery of the week like before. Instead this eight-part series will focus on one main story-arc rather than little stories in addition. Think Big Little Lies compared to the original run of the show.

4. Murder, Murder, Murder

The revival will feature a whole slew of unlucky spring-breakers who fall victim to someone, or group of someones, going on a killing spree. Although it isn’t sure if anyone of actual importance will be killed, i.e. the main cast, it is worth knowing that the eight episodes will revolve around death.

5. Where Is Weevil Now?

The movie saw Weevil as being a fairly model citizen, leaving his gang days behind him he had a beautiful wife and daughter. But because Neptune is a breeding ground for racist, rich white people that life quickly came to a screeching halt when he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit by none other than Celeste Kane. The film ended with Weevil going back to his gang after being shot and hopefully the show will answer whether or not he still has his family, job or if Celeste managed to completely derail that for him.

10 Reasons To Be Excited For The Veronica Mars Reboot

6. Modern Day Neptune

Speaking of all the awful people in Neptune it will be interesting to see how modern day Neptune shapes up to the rest of the world. During the shows run it was evident the clear racial and classist tensions that made up the California town. Veronica Mars made it a point to show how the Latinx community of Neptune was treated like second-class citizens and they were deemed worthy of mistreatment. In the current political climate and how the current administration is actively vocal against the Latinx community it will be interesting to see if Neptune will feed into that narrative even more.

7. Isn’t a Nostalgia Fest

If you watched the movie you know it was a literal love-letter to fans. Although it was a good movie and did supply fans with a lot of nostalgia the revival will not be like that. Instead it will focus on its story-line incorporating new characters rather than repeatedly reaching into the past.

10 Reasons To Be Excited For The Veronica Mars Reboot

8. Canon With The Books

There are books within the Veronica Mars universe that are apparently canon with the rest of the show. The two books take place after the movie and according to Rob Thomas they are 98% canon, including a puppy that Logan and Veronica adopted. The show debuts in July meaning there is should be time to read through the two novels.

9. Where Are Logan And Veronica Now?

With the movie we left off with Logan and Veronica together after the death of Logan’s girlfriend and Veronica left Piz (justice for Piz). Their relationship was never an easy one, having several breakups and misunderstandings, it’ll be interesting to see how adult Logan and Veronica will handle their romantic relationship. Or if they’ll even be in a relationship.

10 Reasons To Be Excited For The Veronica Mars Reboot

10. It’ll Be Dark

In the same breath as how this revival will not be a nostalgia fest it will also be significantly darker than the original run. Which, considering the entire first season revolves around the murder of a high school who was sleeping with an adult married man, is impressive. The show has always been very dark, it definitely never shied away from taking their characters to the brink and dangle them over the edge. It’ll be interesting to see how this show will be even darker than it already was.

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