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The Top 10 Reasons She Swiped Left On Your Tinder Profile

The Top 10 Reasons She Swiped Left On Your Tinder Profile

Whether you realize it or not, some really small things on your Tinder profile can make the difference between a left and right swipe. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 reasons she probably swiped left.

Your First Photo Is A Group Photo

We don’t particularly care if you have a group photo on your profile, but when it’s the first one we see, we can’t tell which guy you are. Either you’re the least attractive guy in the photo or you think you are, and neither of those things will do you any favors. It’s good to have a group photo so we know you have friends and leave the house, but don’t set it as your first photo.

Your Bio Is Clearly Copied and Pasted From The Internet

As clever as that bio quoting Michael Scott quoting Wayne Gretzky or those fake quotes from the newspaper seem, it’s just overdone. When we see those or “here for a good time, not a long time” we might swipe right just because we’ve seen that same bio at least three times in the last hour.


The Top 10 Reasons She Swiped Left On Your Tinder Profile

You Don’t Have A Bio

Even when we’re just looking for hook ups, the lack of a bio might make us swipe left. If you look hot in your photos but we can’t confirm that you’re a real person if only from you telling us your fraternity or where you work or where you’re from, we probably won’t waste a swipe on you.

The Most Interesting Thing On Your Profile Is That You Like The Office

It may seem funny to set your workplace as Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, but take it from us: it’s not original. We’ll swipe left on your tinder profile if the only thing that’s interesting about you is that you like The Office: a lot of photos that look like every other one we’ve seen isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but if we can’t find something to start a conversation with you about, we’ll probably swipe left.


Your First Photo Is With Another Girl In It (We Don’t Care If It’s Your Sister)

This, like everything else on this list, isn’t true for every woman in the world, but a lot of us will swipe left on your Tinder profile if your first photo (or really any photo) is of you with another girl. Even if she’s your sister. If she isn’t, all it tells us is that you either want us to know you can get girls or you don’t have enough good photos of yourself to find a different one.

Your Age Is Wrong On Tinder (Yes You Can Change It)

A lot of us made our FaceBook profiles before we were technically old enough to have one, and thus we lied about our ages. However, if you’re old enough to use Tinder you’re old enough to be on FaceBook and you can change your age on it. Just change it.

The Top 10 Reasons She Swiped Left On Your Tinder Profile


There’s A Photo Of You Holding A Fish or Smoking A Cigar At Your High School Graduation

Neither of these make you look cool. In fact, you just look basic.

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Your First Photo Is Of Your Dog

Yes, your dog is cute. Yes, we want to pet your dog. But if he’s your first photo, it looks to us like you’re banking on his cuteness to make up for your perceived lack of it. We’d rather see another photo of you with your furry friend than just fido, thanks.


There’s A Photo Of Just Your Car

There are plenty of women out there who are interested in cars. But I think it’s safe to say the vast majority don’t want to date cars and don’t choose their men based on their ride. And a lot of us really just don’t care what you drive, or really that you drive at all (if we live in the city). Give us another photo that tells us something about you. Owning a cool car isn’t a personality trait.

The Top 10 Reasons She Swiped Left On Your Tinder Profile

Most Of Your Photos Feature You Shirtless

This may not be true if we’re looking for a hook up, but still. You probably look just as hot with your shirt on than off, and we can really get the idea from one photo. Trust us, we only need one.


Did any of these surprise you? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

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