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10 Reasons Primark Is Shopping Heaven

10 Reasons Primark Is Shopping Heaven

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For those of you that may haven’t heard of Primark yet, it’s a clothing store usually located in malls that contains cute clothes and accessories for amazing prices! The company has been around for a while, but has only recently popped up at my local shopping mall and now I find it as my go-to store. If you need anymore convincing to check out the Primark near you, here are 10 reasons Primark is shopping heaven.

1. Super Affordable

Budgeting comes hand in hand with adulting. But at the same time, most of us want to maintain a cute style that makes us feel good about ourselves. Unfortunately, shopping can be difficult when you’re trying to budget. That’s where Primark comes in and takes some of the stress off your wallet. Primark buys it’s merchandise in bulk which is how they are able to sell their items at affordable prices, at least that’s what the signs at the checkouts tell us. Either way, it makes us happy to be able to spend less for more!

10 Reasons Primark Is Shopping Heaven


2. Fashionable

I am not kidding you when I say that they have cute clothes. Everything from shirts and jeans to dresses and sweatpants. They have it all in so many different colors and styles. You’d be surprised how easily their products suit your lifestyle.

10 Reasons Primark Is Shopping Heaven

3. Deals Accessories

Accessorizing is like the sprinkles and cherries on top of your outfit of the day. How can you not stock up when it’s 3 dollars for sunglasses and 14 dollars for purses?! You’ll be mixing and matching for weeks when you realize how much stuff you can buy in one shopping trip!


4. Items On Check Out Lines

One of the effective methods stores use is displaying items right next to checkout lines, so that when you’re waiting to purchase your goodies your wondering eyes will land on some last minute must haves. And they are so tempting. I didn’t realize how much I needed a huge pack of hair ties and beauty blenders until I realized I could buy them both for under five dollars!

5. Multiple Available Registers

Nobody likes to wait in line. You can feel the minutes being taken off your life as you spend them waiting for the person in front of you, with multiple items, inch forward every five minutes. Primark helps solve this problem by having multiple registers open, creating a speedy checkout service.

10 Reasons Primark Is Shopping Heaven


6. Multiple Dressing Rooms

Primark is so big that they were able to build multiple dressing rooms, keeping the line close to non-existent. With the long hallways it can feel like the dressing rooms never end; good thing they have signs to help direct you to where you’re going.

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7. So. Many. Shoes.

Primark has many shoes that are cute, adorable and affordable for all seasons. We’re talking boots, heels, sandals, sneaker and more! They fit all your convenient needs and most of them are priced in the single digits. Better plan to expand that closet of yours.


10 Reasons Primark Is Shopping Heaven

8. Workout Section

One great thing about Primark is they have a section dedicated to workout clothes. This comes in handy when you’re looking for it all in one spot. Sports bras, sweatpants, water bottles, etc. You need it, it’s there.

9. Makeup

It almost feels like Primark has a bigger selection of generic makeup brands than your local drugstore. And better prices too.


10. Uprising

If you don’t have a Primark in you’re local mall, you probably will soon. Primark is growing and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon so keep a look out!

Do you love Primark as much as we do? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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