5 Reasons Our Friendships Change

Relationships are like the seasons, it’s meant to change especially throughout college. Even though it’s possible that all the gossiping and petty intentions were left behind, it’s definitely not going to stop anything else from remaining the same. Some people get left in the past … and that’s fine, it’s not the end of the world, people come and go in a lifetime. It’s a never ending cycle of relationships that just can’t be ignored, it’s inevitable. One of the main reasons people decide to go away for school is of course to be in a new environment and meet new people. Don’t be sad or petty because this friendship is now taking a different route, go out and explore. Meet new people! Talk to your seat buddy in that class you hate so much, make a new memory or two. Most importantly enjoy college it’s a last failed/successful attempt at doing anything completely out of ordinary with no regrets. Keep reading for the reasons our friendships change!

1. “Don’t worry, we’ll keep in touch.”

Remember at high school graduation where you swore you would always keep in contact with all of your friends? For the most part I’m sure you’ve kept that promise for a while, maybe until the end of summer. As you prepare for the first day of college, you usually meet your first acquaintance during those “meet and greets”; playing ice breaker games to get you familiar with most people in your dorm. That’s just the beginning, those people in your dorm are more than likely going to be your first set of friends, and once you start hanging out with them it’s not as important to talk to your old high school friends.


2. Once in a blue moon text.

Every now and then aside from your classes and your new found friends, there’s that one moment that will remind you of your past life. Making you possibly remember “oh yeah I wonder how Mikayla is doing it’s been months,” of course you feel the need to text your friend out of curiosity to know what they’ve been up to. Then starts the boring conversation which seems like in a way your trying to force the conversation and convince yourself that nothing has changed.


3. TBH change is good.

Please understand that some relationships honestly are more genuine than others and are so strong that it will actually last more than a lifetime. But just as the years change we change, we are no longer those ignorant teens we were 3 or 4 years ago. We’ve been enjoying the college experience the last time to have freedom before we are connected indefinitely with our futures. College is all about meeting new people and creating new memories, going to parties, getting drunk with your friends and not remembering all the embarrassing things you did that night. It’s all about networking with all these new people around you, that one new friend might end up being that friend that’s like the other half of you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this because when we graduated high school we knew things would change and this is a part of the change.

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4. We don’t connect like we used to.

I didn’t sign any lifetime commitment to our friendship therefore where we stand in the years to come is subjective to change. We aren’t the same people we were when we first met and that’s okay, let’s be real none of us wants to stay the same all our life. What we once found fun together might not be as fun to you anymore as it is to me, our priorities are different. What you see as important might not be as important to you, maybe I don’t want to just link up 24/7 for drinks and endless conversation, maybe I want more to life.


5. New friends are refreshing.

Listen, we all came to college for new beginnings so why deny ourselves the chance to start fresh? College is almost the last chance we have to actually make real friends in a sort of close knit environment, once we start our careers whose to say we’ll even make friends there. We truly don’t know what the future holds, so use these next four years or so to get to know Jess, Ryan and whoever else. These same faces we see on a daily basis throughout campus just might be the same person we’re setting up lunch dates with.

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