20 Reasons Loyola University Chicago Is The Best

Loyola University Chicago is the absolute best place to continue your education. Here are the top 20 reasons why I chose Loyola University Chicago.

As everybody knows, choosing a university to spend the next couple years of your life studying at can be a difficult decision. There are so many amazing schools and opportunities wherever you may look, however it is quite obvious that Loyola University Chicago is the absolute best place to continue your education. Here are the top 20 reasons why I chose Loyola University Chicago.

1. We have one of the most beautiful campuses on planet earth.

Im going to start with the obvious reason that the place where we live is absolutely stunning. Studying can always be a pain but wouldn’t you rather complete those pesky homework assignments with an amazing view of Lake Michigan right from your own library? Just walking around our campus is breathtaking during any season and is one of the many factors why I fell in love with Loyola. JUST LOOK AT IT!

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2. Dining hall food… can actually taste good?

Now I know what you’re thinking. College food is NASTY.  Actually, with so many dining halls to choose from on campus you’ll never get bored with the food selection. We even have our own grill right in the Damen Center. The Freshman 15 might be a problem for me if Loyola continues to serve me such delicious hamburgers…

3.  There are so many things to do both on and off campus.

Although you’ll be pretty busy with schoolwork, you will have quite some downtime to explore Chicago. Loyola is always hosting events such as sporting events, concerts, and even dances. And once you get bored of staying on campus on the weekends, you’re in the best city on earth for goodness sakes. You’re surrounded by so many fun things to do, so go experience the Lincoln Park Zoo or the Magnificent Mile!!

4. You’ll always be accepted here, no matter WHAT.

One of my favorite things about this school is our diversity. Students and faculty are so appreciative of every member of our school no matter sexual identification, gender, or race. We have so many clubs and activities that promote accepting students who may need that extra boost of confidence. Some of my best friends are from Puerto Rico, and I think that’s pretty dang cool.


5. We have amazing programs for all majors.

It’s pretty stressful choosing a path for what you want to do for the rest of your life. However, no matter what you choose, whether that’s becoming a nurse or business man/woman, Loyola gives all students opportunities for getting an education in the field that you love. The Quinlan School of Business, School of Law, and the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing are just a few programs that have been voted best in the country.

6. Our class sizes make it easy to learn.

We have the best of both worlds when it comes to classes. Some of your lectures may be filled with lots of students to give you the real college experience, but most are numbered to a few in order to create a special bond between you and your professor. By having small classes, you won’t be too overwhelmed when it comes to understanding the material and asking questions.

7. We give a crap about the environment.

You’ll notice that all over campus, we promote an environmentally friendly atmosphere. Our greenhouse community encourages students to recycle appropriately and keep our home clean. As of 2014, we are one of the greenest schools in the states. Guys, we even have a library that makes the glass visible to the birds so that it’s safer for them to fly around Chicago, that’s pretty neat.


8. Our club options are unlimited!

No matter what you are interested in, I guarantee there is an opportunity for you to exercise your talents and hobbies. By having the opportunity to join one of many student organizations such as greek life, business clubs, or human resource associations, you’ll be able to meet people that share your favorite pastimes and really make the most out of your years at Loyola.

9. We have a fricken dog.

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, look around for our new therapy dog Santos. He’s always wandering around campus and making an appearance at events looking for a good pat on the head. If you see him anywhere, giving him some love and telling him that he’s a good boy will erase any stress you may be experiencing as a student.

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10. Our internships and career opportunities are hard to beat.

We live in one of the best cities for making business connections with future employers. While your getting such an amazing education, you’ll have numerous opportunities through the school to sign up for internships and to build an impressive resume for when you graduate, making it easy to find a job right after graduation. Loyola faculty is always happy to help students in the search for a internship or job opportunity.

11. Who doesn’t love the beach?

Who would’ve thought that in this city atmosphere, we’d have so many amazing beaches that we get to call our home. We have our own Loyola beach to explore during the summer, and even in the winter if you’re that bold. Located all throughout the coast are beautiful beaches to experience during the weekends with your friends. Is there any real proof that Lake Michigan is in fact a lake and not the ocean???

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12. Getting tired of our campus? WE HAVE ANOTHER ONE.

Although our Lake Shore campus is astounding enough, students are given the opportunity to really experience the downtown scene with our Water Tower campus. We can be exposed to the quiet, peaceful scene by the lake or the upbeat, exciting vibe of the city all in one school. You can start your day by taking classes at Lake Shore, and end the night by finishing up school in the hub of downtown!

13. Our study abroad opportunities are unique.

At any other school, you may have you worry about applying for another school if you wanted to study outside of the United States. But at Loyola University Chicago, we have our own campuses in Rome and Vietnam! This means you can study in these new, fascinating places without having to worry about those pesky credits transferring or finding a place to live because we have our own dang campus over there at basically the same price. That’s inarguably amazing!!!

14. Our sports teams embarrass other schools.

Did you get tired of watching your high school sports teams get defeated at every home game you went to? Well, at Loyola we are known for our basketball and volleyball teams DOMINATING. These sporting events get freaking lit and you can watch our ramblers make our way to the top from our own Gentile Arena.

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15. Our faculty members actually give a crap about you.

At large universities, it can sometimes be hard to find teachers and other members of the school that are willing to help out. But at our university, you’ll always be lent a helping hand whether it be going to get extra help on assignments during professor’s office hours, or other faculty members about internship opportunities, somebody is ALWAYS there to help. The professors here genuinely care about you succeeding during your time here and will do all they can to assist you.

16. Loyola understands your financial needs.

Paying for college can sometimes seem impossible. But I can honestly say that this school helps as much as they can when it comes to helping you pay for your education. There are always opportunities to apply for scholarships and work studies that lower the cost of attending. The university truly takes into consideration your financial troubles and they really put in effort in figuring out a way for students to afford the school with the least amount of stress possible. I’m sure as heck not made of money and Loyola has been very accommodating in helping me with these needs.


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17. You’ll never feel unsafe on campus (This one is for you mom & dad).

Chicago does get a bad rep for being a dangerous city, however you’ll always feel secure when walking around on and around campus at night due to our campus safety requirements. Our blue light system makes it easy to signal for help whenever you even feel uncomfortable about a situation. We have campus safety vehicles visible at almost anywhere on campus and the 8 ride transportation system will pick you up if you feel sketchy about walking home at night. We are located in a city and we do need to take certain safety precautions, and our school makes it easy to do so.

18. You’ll never run out of places to study!

There are many different types of studiers, rather you need absolute silence or some background noise. For those who really need to focus, we have silent levels in our libraries that require absolute silence. On the other hand, we also have cafes all throughout campus, and even in some dorm buildings, that create a busy yet soothing atmosphere for getting all of your work done. Try Engrained Cafe in San Francisco Hall or even on the rocks by the lake if it’s a nice day!



We’re all broke as heck college students, so soak up all the opportunities that Loyola gives that require no money! Every event on campus is free for all students such as movie showings in the Damen Center, sporting games, and my favorite, FREE FOOD. There are always occasions going on where dorms will order insomnia cookies for the students or throw an event with meals provided by the school. Also, students get a free train pass to travel anywhere around the city for five years!!

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20. The people here are freaking amazing.

My last point has to be cheesy!!! I have only been at this school for one semester and know for a fact that I have met some of my life long friends. The diversity at Loyola gives students opportunities to meet so many interesting and amazing people that you may never imagined you’d connect with. Remember, everyone is dying to make friends when they first get to college so don’t be afraid to branch out to new people. Almost everyone I have met here has been so accepting and friendly that creating a new family here is easy.


These points only START to outline the facts on why Loyola University Chicago is the absolute best. So basically it’s time to decline all those other offers you’ve received and choose the most accepting, diverse, and academically advanced school there is. I am so grateful to call this amazing place my home  and I know for fact you will adore it just as much as I do. GO ‘BLERS!!!

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