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6 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Dog Owner Than A Cat Owner

6 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Dog Owner Than A Cat Owner

6 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Dog Owner Than A Cat Owner

The battle between dog owner and cat owner has been a debateable topic for as long as we can remember, but it’s now becoming more and more common to own both these internationally adored pets under one roof. But why bother with a cat when you could have a house full of dogs instead…

1. Dogs are more loyal

How can you beat the man’s best friend? Dogs are by your side day and night; they comfort you when you’re sad; they make you laugh when you’re moody; and they defend you when you’re in danger. Humankind couldn’t ask for a better, more dedicated companion to form part of the family. Cats are far more independent and can disappear for days at a time without giving you a second thought.

6 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Dog Owner Than A Cat Owner

2. You can take them for walks

You’d get some strange looks, not to mention an angry cat, if you tried to walk this pet down the street. Walking a dog gets you out of the house every day and into a healthy lifestyle, allowing you to get to know your local walking routes, fellow dog walkers and the beauty of your surrounding nature. It also provides an outdoor activity to do with your partner, friends or family and a day trip can be made out of travelling to renowned dog walking areas nearby.

6 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Dog Owner Than A Cat Owner

3. Dogs rarely go missing or get run over

There’s a sense of security that comes with being a dog owner as opposed to being a cat owner. You generally know where your dog is at all times and that if they run off, they almost always come back. This security doesn’t exist with cats, causing you great anxiety when they don’t return home for a few days and you’re sitting indoors listening for the cat flap. Having to make missing cat notices and stick them around the neighbourhood causes great pain, and you may never discover what happened to them. It’s the worst way to lose a pet, without having the chance to say goodbye.

4. You can take them to the beach

There are plenty of dog-friendly beaches out there that allow dogs to enjoy a new and exciting environment. Watch them play in the sand, fetch balls from the sea and socialise with other dogs, whilst you take in the fresh sea air and let relaxation take over. There’s a great sense of community among dog owners at dog friendly sites such as beaches, something you just don’t get with cat owners.

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6 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Dog Owner Than A Cat Owner

5. You can enter them in contests

There are a great variety of dog contests to suit the skills and talent of your dog. Dog owners can take their Spaniel to agility classes to keep both their fitness levels up and see their dog improve every week; take thier Labrador to gundog training to utilise their intelligence levels; take their sheepdog to a conformation show to get their majestic beauty recognised. There’s something out there for every dog and their owner, crazier competitions evolving by the minute.

6. Less people are allergic

How many people do you know who are allergic to dogs? I would guess not many. Now how many people do you know who are allergic to cats? The likelihood is more. Being allergic to your own pet is disastrous and no way to live, suffering every time you want to have a furry cuddle. And if you have loved ones who are allergic, you’ll find they’re reluctant to visit your house due to the abundance of cat hairs making them itch and sneeze every two minutes.

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Defend your pet in the comments section below!
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