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5 Reasons I’m Proud To Be A Student At St. Catherine University

5 Reasons I’m Proud To Be A Student At St. Catherine University

I am proud to be a Katie at St. Catherine University for several reasons. Going to St. Catherine University makes me proud. Here's why I love St. Catherine

St. Catherine University was founded as the College of St. Catherine in 1905 by the amazingly persistent Sisters of St. Joseph, created to be a college for women.  Attending a liberal arts Catholic women’s university was a choice I never thought I’d ever make but it was a decision that has shaped who I am and how I see the world. Here are the top 5 reasons why I’m proud to be a Katie.

1. Commitment to Social Justice.

St. Kate’s is ahead of the game when it comes to instilling the importance of social justice in its students, which comes from its values as a Catholic institution. In their first year, Katies take a course that introduces them to social justice concepts. As a junior or senior, they then choose from social justice courses that focus on one topic such as racism, feminism, and more. Social justice also trickles into other areas of study such as Apparel Design where students learn about sustainability.


2. Diversity.

St. Kate’s welcomes students from all faiths and diverse backgrounds. While mass and prayer are integrated into some of the campus events, students don’t have to be Catholics in order to participate. Among private colleges, St. Kate’s has one of the most diverse student populations.


3. Women Presidents.

We have a long and proud tradition of exemplary women leading as the president of the university. Our current president was inaugurated just last fall and honestly, she’s super cool. I admire her for doing her best to participate in campus events and being so friendly and approachable.


4. Amazing supportive staff.

Behind the scenes, our deans and staff are hard at work to ensure that our beautiful campus remains inclusive, welcoming, and safe for all. The liveliest places on campus are the Multicultural International Programs & Services Office and the Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women, where students can chill, study, and chat with the amazing staff. Also sometimes, there’s delicious baked goods!

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5. The students themselves.

Being involved on campus, I had the honor or getting to know hundreds of amazing student leaders. These Katies are strong and smart and go on to make their mark on the world. Nothing makes me more proud than seeing a fellow Katie follow their destiny to lead and influence and become a part of something greater than themselves.

Let us know what you are proud to be a Katie at St. Catherine University! Drop us a line!!
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