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5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start University of Miami

5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start University of Miami

University of Miami is the best school. As the school year starts, here are some reasons I am excited to start at UM. Going to Uni of Miami is amazing!

It’s August which means that move in day is just around the corner for every school in the nation, which also means that the all of the new freshmen are as excited and anxious for college as they have ever been. Every university offers something unique but the University of Miami is among the most unique universities with everything it has to offer to its students. From the location, to the campus, to its mascot, University of Miami offers students a one of a kind experience, which is just one of the endless reasons the newest Canes are excited to officially make University of Miami their home. Here are five things that make any Cane wish tomorrow is move in day.

1. The Food.

Miami is known to be a culinary city. From our lavish buffet style dining halls, to the Rathskeller pub (The Rat) in our student center, University of Miami is any food lovers dream campus. There’s unlimited soft serve, a smoothie bar, a hearty meal at Burger 305, a food court fit with 9 options, mouth watering Mexican food, and 2 Starbucks on campus.


2. Extreme Academic Diversity.

With more than 180 majors to choose from, every Cane has the chance to find their calling. At the U, you can double and even triple major.We have the ability to change our majors any time. If you’re like me and have no idea what path you want to go down in life, academics at UM make it possible to discover what your passion is and change you major as many times as it takes to find it.

3. Finals Week, Especially the Hammocks.

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a special week at University of Miami. Between breakfast at midnight and the dogs on campus, finals week is a lot less stressful. Everyone knows the best part of finals is the hammocks. Right before finals, orange and green hammocks are around campus. They make for the best nap, study and picture spots.

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4. The Weather.

Florida is the sunshine state for a reason. I’m excited to live in 80 degree weather. Instead of salting the sidewalks in the winter, people will be salting my margaritas.

5. The Cane Community.

Every school prides themselves on having a diverse community. We’re small enough that you know most of the people you pass on the way to class. The school is large enough to meet new people too. Knowing you go to the greatest school on earth probably has something to do with that feeling of happiness.


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