5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At UW-Madison

It pretty much all started when my parents dressed me up as a Wisconsin cheerleader on Halloween of 2002. This began my parents’ efforts to instill in me a strong sense of Badger pride from the earliest age possible,  and it undoubtedly worked. Although UW-Madison has always felt like a second home to me, I’m going to be a Badger starting this fall and I cannot wait for it to actually be my home for the next four years! Read on to see 5 reasons I’m excited to begin my journey as a baby Badger!

1. Two Words: Game Day!

Everyone knows that Wisconsin’s football team is among the best in the big 10, but no one does game days and tailgates like Wisconsin does. On game day you’ll look out your window and see almost every person wearing red. You’ll jump around so much that your feet will be swollen at the end of the day. You’ll scream “On Wisconsin” until your voice is completely gone. School spirit at Wisconsin is one of the best in the country and you bet I’ll be investing in a pair of red and white overalls to show my Wisconsin pride!



2. People are nicer in the Midwest

There’s something about being in the midwest that gives me this warm welcoming feeling. Coming from San Francisco where people can be preoccupied with making it on time to their Soul Cycle class or honking because of the insane traffic, it’s refreshing to see a stranger say hello and ask how your day is going while walking on State Street. In my experience, people are just nicer in the Midwest. I am so looking forward to making friends while brushing up for bed in the bathroom or sitting in College Library cramming for a final!


 3. SEASONS!! Finally!!

I can’t even count on one hand how many times people have said to me “it’s really cold there” in response to telling them I’m going to UW Madison in the fall. While I know that it gets REALLY cold, like below 0 cold, I really can’t wait. I’ve never had seasons before; the weather in San Francisco alternates between a foggy 60 degrees and a sunny 65 degrees. I’m excited to invest in a $700 Canada Goose jacket (just kidding) but I will be investing in some cozy oversized sweaters and duck boots for those snowy days! Not only am I excited for winter, but I can’t wait for for sunny, brisk fall days featuring nice walks to class and studying outside at the Memorial Union. I’m just excited to live in a place that actually has seasons for once!

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 4. I may have been brainwashed…

I’d be lying if I said that the fact that I’m a fourth generation Badger didn’t influence my decision to attend UW Madison. My parents have been taking me to football games since I came out of the womb and it’s always been pretty clear that my parents wanted me to attend their alma mater. I think they took me to visit Madison so many times because they wanted to show me how special and breathtaking it is, and I’d have to say the brainwashing worked! I’m looking forward to family weekends and screaming “U-rah-rah Wisconsin” alongside all my family members.


5. The BEST college town

Some may think Madison is in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin, and to some extent it’s true but Madison is what I consider to be a true college town. The town of Madison is centered around campus and even if you leave the campus, you’ll still see everyone sporting Wisconsin gear. State Street is packed with fun bars, delicious restaurants, and hip coffee shops.  Grabbing a brat on Tuesday night is Wisconsin tradition and walking up Bascom Hill is obligatory on a nice sunny day. Whether it’s at a homecoming football game or rubbing Abe Lincoln’s foot at the top of Bascom for a little extra luck on that final, it’s all rooted in deep, incredible tradition, and one that I am absolutely thrilled to experience for my next four years.


What are you most excited about starting at UW-Madison? Let us know in the comments below!
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