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5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At UGA

5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At UGA

If you just got accepted to the University of Georgia, there are so many things for you freshmen to look forward to! Here's why I'm excited to start at UGA!
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It’s senior year. Your mind’s consumed with the rushing thoughts of test scores and college applications. And the worrying of finding the perfect place to attend school next year never seems to leave your brain. You even start to make sure the college has the perfect mascot and that you look good in the school colors. But sure enough you find it. The place with the best town, great academics, and people exactly like you everywhere you go. Mine, without a doubt, was the University Of Georgia. For all the millions of reasons I could give you as to why I’m beyond excited to be attending UGA come fall, here are five great ones!


1) There’s no place like the SEC.

Let’s be honest, one of the most important aspects of college is football. And who does it better than the south? It doesn’t matter if you love it, hate it, or have no idea what’s going on- these games will create some of your best college memories. Especially a school like UGA that goes all out on game days. I can’t wait to crowd around and cheer for the football players as they enter Sanford Stadium during a Dawg Walk and for the excessive amounts of game day clothing that will fill my closet.

2) Picturesque Campus.

If you try to say you didn’t weigh in how good the campus scenery would look in the background of your photos when picking a school to attend, you’re lying. UGA has one of the most Instagram photo-worthy locations. Everywhere from The Arch to the rooftop bar at 100 Proof is aesthetically pleasing. All incoming students should be beyond excited to live on such a beautiful college campus and not to mention to pick up tons of new social media followers.


3) Greek Life.

My Lilly Pulitzer planner is already buzzing with this years rush schedule and my youtube search history is filled with Brooke Miccio’s videos on sorority life. I’ve dreamed of being a sorority sister for so long, and in just a few weeks I get the chance to become just that. UGA also has one of the best Greek Row’s I’ve ever seen and some of the most beautiful houses. Greek life has so many perks from exclusive events to cute t-shirts, you’ll never be unhappy.

4) Peaches, Sweet Tea, and Barbecue, OH MY!

The food. Athens has some of the most incredible food I’ve ever tasted in my 18 years of existence. Although my thighs might not thank me for all the heavenly food I’ll consume there, my tastebuds definitely will. Breakfast at Mama’s Boy, burgers at Trapeze Pub, and tacos at Cali N Tito’s- you’ll never run out of amazing food options. I’m convinced even Jimmy John’s tastes better simply because it’s in Athens. Good thing a free gym membership comes along with being a student  😉

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5) This Town Is My Town.

You know when you find out where all your senior classmates are going to school and they all have these schools that just fit them perfectly? University of Georgia is mine. Rigorous academics, amazing social life, tremendous pride, and overall a great sense of community are all things that I absolutely needed in a school and found here. I know I will fit in perfectly and meet so many people who share the same values I do. I can’t wait to call Athens, Georgia my home for the next 4 years and probably the rest of my life.


For all the many reasons I can’t wait to start at UGA these were five of my favorites…I’ve been counting down the days ’til August 6th since I got accepted!
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