5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At UCSD

I cannot seem to get my mind off the excitement of school starting. Here are the five reasons why I'm excited to start at UCSD.

A summer with no school work or obligations?  Sounds like a dream!  That’s how the summer after high school is. With all of this free time, I cannot seem to get my mind off the excitement of school starting, the new environment, and adventure I’m about to embark on. Here are the five reasons why I’m excited to start at UCSD:

1. Prestigious Academics

Known as one of the country’s “public Ivy” schools, UCSD offers some of the most prestigious academic opportunities one can ask for.  I am excited to be challenged and to take my learning to an entirely new level at a world-renowned research institute.


2. New People

With more than 28,000 undergraduate students (2016), there will never be a lack of new people to meet.  I look forward to making new friends and broadening my social life in college.



3. San Diego/La Jolla

Being a Los Angeles girl my entire life, I am ecstatic to start a new life in a new city.  San Diego offers so many opportunities and adventures.  I can’t wait to take advantage and explore this huge city.

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4. Opportunities to become involved

With several opportunities to become involved through clubs, organizations, sports, Greek Life, and more, UCSD provides the perfect atmosphere for anyone to find their niche.  I can’t wait to become involved in Triton life and maybe I will end up picking up an interest I didn’t realize I had!

5. The Beach!

When I found out the Eleanor Roosevelt College (MY college) is right across from the street from the beach, it was basically a selling factor for me.  With 24/7 access to some of the best and most beautiful beaches on the west coast, it’s hard to resist the school’s captivating beauty.


Why are you excited to start at UCSD or to return back there? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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