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5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At The University Of Kansas

5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At The University Of Kansas


Choosing your next step after high school takes a lot of time, research, and support from your family. Some may choose to take a gap year or go right into the profession of their choice, but I decided attending a four year university was the best fit for me. Here are 5 reasons I’m excited to start at the University of Kansas!

1. Rock chalk, Jayhawk!

What girl doesn’t love getting dressed for an occasion? Even if it is casual and all of your friends are wearing the exact same outfit. The school spirit at a big university, like KU, allows me to get decked out every game day in Jayhawks gear and still not stand out. While outfits are a great part of college sports so are the pre-game parties, the camaraderie  you find with people you may not know, and of course watching student athletes play some awesome games.

KU is known for their amazing basketball team, they have been playing since 1898 and have had 3 championships in the NCAA division 1 Big 12 conference. But they also have big football games to attend at Memorial Stadium and even a homecoming parade once a year down the main strip in Lawrence. Coming from a small school, with no big sports or spirit, I am probably most looking forward to big games surrounded by thousands of fans. Jayhawks are extremely proud of their school and I can’t wait to be joining in on the “Rock Chalk Chant” next year.



2. Picture perfect Greek life.

I am super pumped to rush and KU has amazing Greek life. It’s definitely one of the top reasons I’m excited to start at the University of Kansas, and why so many others are too. They not only have a ton of sororities and fraternities, 47 in total, but they also have a beautiful “Greek row.”  Starting at the Chi Omega Fountain and ending at the many brick houses with white columns, KU has the perfect setting for an amazing four years in Greek life. With 20% of the school participating in Greek life you are bound to meet a diverse group of people and make tons of friends.




3. One big family!

KU students describe there community as small yet huge. The school is large, with 28,401 students attending in 2016, but is also full of friendly faces and many opportunities to find your smaller communities. Most KU alumni describe their long lasting friendships with their classmates but also how friendly everyone is on campus and in the town of Lawrence. With about 600 clubs every year, you will never be bored at KU and you will also find your new family away from home. I am eager to find a community of people who will accept me and be able to offer support when I am home sick or stressed out.



4. Lawrence, Kansas.

Lawrence is the epitome of a small Midwestern town. Everyone I met on my visit was extremely friendly and loved Kansas. There was also an adorable main strip, Massachusetts ave., in downtown Lawrence filled with good food, cute shops, and of course fun bars. An added bonus is Mass. ave. is at the bottom of a big hill so you can eat a big meal and then work off all the calories on your walk home. Lawrence is also only a forty mins drive from Kansas City where you can watch the Royals and the Chiefs play in pro-sports. While there is ton to do on campus and you probably never need to leave, especially because hot box cookies delivers, Lawrence and the surrounding area is a great place to explore and meet new people.

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5. Real weather!

Coming from San Francisco I am used to one consistent season of generally warm weather with a breeze and some fog. I love the four seasons but have never had the opportunity to live in all four of them. Kansas can get super hot, with a high last year of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and pretty cold, with a low last year of -5.5 degrees Fahrenheit. I can not wait to be able to bundle up in my big coat and play in the snow with my friends but also be able to stay out late on warm nights and only had shorts and a t-shirt on. While weather might not be a big deal to most, I am super excited to feel snow, sun, rain, and even brisk fall winds.


Are the reasons I’m excited to start at the University of Kansas similar to yours? Comment below!
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