5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At Temple University

As the fall semester commences in about two weeks; half of me is riddled with butterflies, and the other half cannot contain my excitement as I am practically clutching my airplane ticket with me as I fall asleep. It may seem like I’m another over-eager and (hopefully not too obnoxious) incoming freshman; HOWEVER, I’m very excited to start at Temple University, and here are just 5 reasons why.


At this point, I have just absolutely accepted that the freshman 15 is upon me. From the millisecond that I stepped foot onto campus, I was overwhelmed by all the food options encircling me. It was about (thirty) love at first sights, Saxby’s Coffee to my right and Blaze Pizza to my left; suddenly I was gulping down delicious pho at Tai’s Vietnamese Food for brunch and making my own beautiful waffles at J&H’s Dining Hall for lunch.

Part of going to a new school is trying all the new foods, but going to a university in the city is like diving headfirst into an ocean of endless options. As a foodie, I’m obviously quite excited. You can absolutely catch me at the McDonalds conveniently placed across from White Hall at 1am going to TOWN on a vanilla soft serve cone. Or the Chick-Fil-A coming to campus in the fall, OR Insomnia Cookies when I’m procrastinating on studying. And don’t even get me started on the food trucks.


I’m so excited and proud to be attending such a diverse university that accepts all students wholeheartedly and looks beyond their gender, sexual orientation, skin color, ethnicity, religion, and etc. It’s a refreshing thought to know that I’ll be settling in a secure and welcoming environment. Coming from the Silicon Valley, an (extremely) diverse place in the Bay Area, I’ve been swimming around in the melting pot for a while now. So now, of course, I cannot contain my excitement that I’ll be moving into the city of Brotherly Love and attending a university that has its name engraved within Philadelphia’s enticing history- stocked full of culture, art, and music. This is another home for a multitude of backgrounds and an opportunity for students to delve into different cultures.


Temple University has an impressive 39k student body. I kinda feel like I’m moving to a small country, honestly. There are SO many opportunities to run into people, make new friends, and learn about my fellow students. I mean, it’s going to be impossible to NOT run into a Temple Student. I was in Santa Cruz this summer, walking down the boardwalk and wearing a Temple T-Shirt when a random man stopped me and continued to congratulate me and tell me about his experience at Temple. Literally, Owls are everywhere.

There are so many opportunities to meet new people (and places); whether it be a dance team or a service volunteer group, parties, football games, events hosted by Temple, neighbors on your hall and of course your roommates… honestly, if it’s me, probably making a friend waiting in line at a food truck. The opportunities are infinite. There are so many amazing people out there with wonderful stories to tell and a wonderful friendship to offer; it’s not a matter of if, simply a matter of when!


There is so much exploring to do on campus. Seriously, the possibilities are endless. Finding a comfortable place for me to study is very important; and obviously, it’s going to take a while and a few test runs to see which spot suits me and gets me into my zone. Whether it be the Tech Center, a hidden away corner in the library, a coffee shop in the city on the weekends, or Starbucks at the Bookstore; I don’t know what’s waiting out there; but I’m very excited to embark on the exploration for the perfect study spot.

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Alright, sometimes I forget I’m going to college to study. I get so wrapped up in the excitement of dorm room decorating, meeting new people, new food, and places in the city waiting for me to explore; that I seriously forget that I have a class schedule and I am actually attending class. This, however, is one of the more important things here. High School obviously doesn’t provide the opportunities that a University does; whether it be from more complex and diverse course selections, a multitude of clubs, and most importantly, truly getting your ass to work; it’s discernibly different. But this is why I’m excited for what’s to come!

Temple offers wonderful programs and has a distinguished business school, among liberal arts, theatre, art and design, law, etc. Taking classes I enjoy and using them to sculpt my knowledge about my major and work towards my success is extremely motivating; and I’m excited that Temple is able to offer these programs, opportunities, and selections for us to take, seize, and work hard.

Going off to a new school, especially in a different location, is a huge shift in a student’s life. There are a million tiny things I’m missing from this list; but, I know that I have to go and experience it first. Owls, see you in around 2 weeks! For all else reading this, I hope you’re stoked about starting the fall semester and embarking on a new journey!

What’re your reasons to be excited to start at Temple University? Let me know in the comments below!
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Didem Arslanoglu

An aspiring writer & educator based in Chicago and on the move to Philadelphia, but most importantly a gal turned rockstar at 2:00am eating PB out of the jar.

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