5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At New York University

The kind of things that will happen to you while you are at New York University. What sorts of things have happened to you?

As summer comes to an end, I was expecting the almost inevitable feeling of dread about school to wash over me. However, I was surprised to only be excited about what is to come at New York University this upcoming year. There are so many incredible opportunities and experiences this university has to offer- here are five that are making me count down the days for the fall semester to start.

1. The culture of New York City

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the poetry slams, Shakespeare in the Park, concerts every weekend, what else could you want? There are enough cultural shows in NYC to fill every weekend this whole year.

This is why I'm excited to go to New York University!

2. Washington Square Park 

Luckily enough, New York University is situated on one of the most beautiful parks in the whole city– Washington Square Park! With the park comes all of the phenomenal events hosted by Washington Square Conservancy. Check out yoga in the park or movies under the arch for fun just outside your doorstep.

3. The diversity of the student population

One of the best things about NYU is the incredibly diverse student population; NYU has the highest number of international students of any university in the United States. Additionally, students have all sorts of different interests when it comes to music, academic pursuits, and art- you’re sure to find someone who shares your hobbies.

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This is why I'm excited to go to New York University!

4. The great food (yes, seriously)

Surrounding New York University is a plethora of some of the best food in the world. New York University students can even use their campus cash at some of the restaurants close to campus. Whatever you’re craving, may it be edible cookie dough or fancy french fries, the city’s got you covered.

This is why I'm excited to go to New York University!

5. The endless options of classes

Just because you are admitted to a certain school doesn’t mean that you are stuck studying only one thing. Students can take classes at any New York University school, from Tisch to the College of Arts and Sciences to Stern. You can learn about whatever you are interested in!

Are you a student or incoming student at New York University? Tell us everything you love about NYU in the comments!
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