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5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At Michigan State University

5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At Michigan State University


Choosing a college is the first step of “adulting,” as some would say.  Whether it’s a community college, university, or trade school, deciding on the next step in your education is a huge one. Some pick based off of their major, sports programs, or whatever is closest to home. Though some look at other aspects of their school of interest, these are my top reasons I’m excited to start at Michigan State University!

1. An A+ Study Abroad Program

If you’re anything like me, then you love to travel around the world. What better way to do it then to earn school credit for it? Michigan State University’s Study Abroad program is one of the best, and by one of the best, I mean it is. One could travel pretty much anywhere in the world! What with their 275 programs in nearly every country on all seven continents.

With so many to choose from, where will you go? Antarctica to study the Earth’s system and its oceanography, climatology, and so much more? Or how about the Galapagos Islands where Charles Darwin studied all the exotic and…strange species that live there. Though of course it’s not always work with no play. Maybe you’ll get to run around exploring Paris, Brussels, and other European cities while learning about European educational systems. But maybe travelling out of the country isn’t for you, perhaps you’d like to stay a bit more domestic? You could go to New Orleans to explore the Creole culture, or even Honolulu and learn to hula dance! They have something for that too-the possibilities are truly endless. Where will you go?



2. Gotta Keep it in the Family

Our families influence us drastically throughout our lives; some may even sway our decisions in terms of where we end up for college. Maybe you’re ready for some new scenery, but your parents aren’t quite ready for their baby bird to leave the nest yet. In that case, maybe you’ll stay within a close distance to home. Or if you’ve decided you’re ready for some freedom, then you’ll end up in the next state over, or even across the country. Yet again, some parents are Alumni, giving their children the inspiration to apply and enroll. A parental example, and a great accomplishment to carry through the family lineage. Or maybe you’re like me, looking to be a trendsetter in being the first of your family to go to college.  [TB1] Then again, who doesn’t love a family of Spartans?



3. Drink, Drank, Drunk

Being twenty-one (insert champagne emoji) is definitely awesome, especially in a college town with such a great bar scene like Michigan State University has. Nearly each day has it’s own reason to drink (I swear I don’t drink that much). You could check on Rick’s American Café on Tuesday for half off drinks, though on the weekend it’s more the type of place where you magically wind up, as opposed to starting out. Wednesday is half off everything at Dublin Square to help you get over the slump of the week. Dublin is a must if you ever travel to MSU, especially during the summer time when the patio is open.

Thursday is not only Thirsty Thursday at all the bars, but it’s also Burgerama at The Riv. With such a great atmosphere, great drinks and cheap food, you’ll want to make sure you don’t schedule Thursday classes. Then do you really need a reason to drink on Friday and Saturday? Maybe instead of the bars, you’ll hit a house party…or two…or three? Then Sunday maybe you’ll finish out your weekend with some chill time at P.T. O’Malley’s watching football. Some often describe it as “the hipster bar” with its throwback playlists and laid back atmosphere.



4. There’s a Club for That

Along with MSU’s amazing Study Abroad and Study Away programs, they also have amazing student organizations right on campus! Some think Greek life is all that encompasses university clubs and organizations-WRONG. If there’s something of interest to you, chances are, there’s a club for it. With over 800 clubs at Michigan State, it’s hard to choose which one, or maybe two? to get involved with. Perhaps you’ll join the Paintball Club team to let out some pre-exam stress. Want to hit the movies, but have no one to go with? Then maybe the film club is right where you belong. Or maybe you’re just looking to make more connections here at university. Well there’s a club for that too. Whatever your interest may be, there’s a place for you at MSU.

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5. Home away from Home

With all of Michigan State University’s opportunities, it’s hard to not feel a sense of home while attending school here. While living on campus, maybe you have a roommate, or three if you’re in a suite. These people will become your family (hopefully) which will make this experience that much more memorable. College truly is the place to make friends and connections that will last a lifetime. Although those first few weeks will be rough while trying to settle in somewhere new, in a shoe box, with new people, you’ll eventually begin to develop a close knit bond with the people around you. Slowly but surely, you’ll begin to develop your own little family at Michigan State University.


Why are you excited to start at Michigan State University? Comment below!
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