5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At Loyola University Chicago

Going to a new school can be intimidating, yet so exciting. These are some of the reasons I can't wait to start at Loyola University Chicago.

Moving to a new state or even city can be daunting for anyone. There are many reasons to be fearful or nervous of what lies ahead, but there are also many reasons to be excited. As an incoming freshman to Loyola University Chicago, I have a lot to be stoked about and here are just five of the many reasons I am excited to start at Loyola University Chicago.

1. The Food

This is an obvious statement when you’re going to a city known for a certain type of food, but just hear me out. I am a foodie–loud and proud–and Chicago is known for its immense diversity of food. Everything from Giordano’s Pizza to Flaco’s Tacos is right on the outskirts of the Lakeshore campus, giving myself and fellow foodies endless options.

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2. The Rapid Lifestyle

I grew up in a fast paced home; there was hardly a moment where something didn’t occupy our family calendar. That being said, I’m excited to transition into the more relaxed feel of the Lakeshore campus, while still getting the rapid, fast paced life on the Water Tower Campus!

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3. The Views

If I’m going to write about why I’m excited to be on a campus with a lake right outside my door, I have to talk about the views. Most freshmen, like me, live in Mertz–a 19 story building in the center of campus. From upwards of the sixth floor, each room has an amazing view of the campus, the city, or the lake.


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4. The Campuses

Most campuses are limited to one large college town. Loyola is different. There are two distinct campuses that have very different feels. I’m super excited to be able to wake up right by the lake but have the ability to go downtown for the day to study or listen to lectures. I get to have that college town feel anytime I want, but I also get the rush of a big, metropolitan city too.



5. The Diversity

For all my middle and high school life, I have gone to a small private school where 97% of the population is white. I always felt like I was an odd one out, and that I somehow didn’t fit in, but at LUC, there is a much better range in diversity. I cannot explain how thrilled I am to be a part of the Rambler community.

These are just a few of the reasons I am so excited to start at Loyola University Chicago! What are your reasons? Share in the comments!
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