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9 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At Florida State University

9 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At Florida State University

I am halfway through my senior year in high school and was just accepted into my dream school: Florida State University. Like the thousands of my fellow applicants, I spent December 8th (the first freshman notification day) anxiously checking Twitter and my online application status every five minutes. My seven classes had never gone by slower. However, right as I pulled into my driveway after school, my phone buzzed with a Twitter notification from FSU Admissions; admission decisions were posted. I bolted out of my car, and dashed to my computer to see I had been admitted to start at Florida State University in the class of 2021. The twenty minutes of my life that followed that moment were spent with me jumping up and down, sending excited Snapchat videos to my friends, and me doing the Seminole Chop around my living room.

If you’re reading this, maybe you are admitted in the class of 2021, anxiously awaiting the first day like me. Or maybe you haven’t decided where you’ll be spending your college career, and find yourself wondering what makes FSU so special. Why do thousands of people choose FSU over countless schools across the nation? Well, let me tell you 9 reasons I chose FSU, the top reasons I am so excited to start calling that campus home.

This is a collaborative piece by: Emma Moos and Melanie Hendricks

1. The Seminole Chop on Game Day

Now if you’ve ever been in Doak Campbell Stadium on game day, you know know what I’m talking about. Watching this famous chant on video gets you to this certain level of excitement. But once I was able to make the trip down for a game and I found myself surrounded in a sea of garnet and gold screaming for the best school in the nation… well, it’s something that can’t be described. It’s an experience every Florida Nole holds dear to heart. I can’t wait to feel this as a student with all my new friends, not just as a perspective  student. Not to mention getting to watch Chief Osceola rile everybody up, riding a real horse!


2. The FSU Flying High Circus

Yes, you read that right; Florida State has a circus. I didn’t know about this till I visited FSU for the first time my junior year. There’s this huge tent in the middle of campus that hosts a year round circus, put on and performed by none other than FSU students! Florida State’s circus has been a tradition (a really cool and unique one I’d say) since 1947. Can any of the other schools you’re considering boast a full functioning circus? Probably not, considering FSU’s Flying High Circus is one of only two collegiate circuses in the entire nation! I can’t wait to experience this unique quality Florida State has to offer. Can you believe those beautiful acrobats below are amateur FSU students? Talk about a talented student body!


3. The Fitness Opportunities

There are countless perks to college that seniors like me have been looking forward to for awhile now. However, there are a few things we all would prefer to avoid: one is the freshman fifteen. Yep, it’s infamous, you come home for Christmas break a little heavier than you were when you left for school in August.


Florida State offers great options for those wanting to avoid that extra weight. Every FSU student is eligible for three FREE personal training sessions with a nationally-accredited, certified personal trainer. Each session is 60 minutes long, and is geared toward improving your current workout routine, and offering new and innovative exercises to help you reach your specific fitness goals – basic fitness, strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, sport specific training, and more. Also available to FSU students is one free ninety minute coaching session. On top of all that, any student can use the quality gyms on campus, and partake in group fitness classes! Goodbye freshman fifteen, I won’t be seeing you in my future.

4. Hello, Tallahassee!

With growing up in a small Illinois town, Tallahassee couldn’t be more attractive. There’s something for everyone! From nature reserves, to the res, the glorious shopping, and the delicious food, you’ll never be bored! Going from a small town where we spend our time driving around, and hanging in the parking lot to having countless opportunities in a great city; how could I not be excited? Not to mention the year round warm weather! Now if you ask any lifelong Florida resident that attends FSU they will disagree with me on that one. But those from up north like me would agree that winters can be pretty rough in the Midwest. I’m writing this as it’s eight degrees outside. That cool Florida winter is for me a huge perk.

One thing most people would think FSU loses with being in a pretty major city is a college town vibe. Well, they’re wrong – Florida State is literally the best of both worlds. The campus isn’t smack dab in the middle of the city; it is secluded and surrounded by what looks like one of those small college towns. But yet, it’s still right in the convenience of the city!


One last honorable mention, before I end up writing a book on how awesome Tally is. ( because yes I really could). Tallanasty! While some think of this a negative connotaion, it really is more positive. Not only is FSU an amazing school academics wise, but it’s fun! That’s important too! (We all know we look at the party life before choosing a school). Tallanasty has gained this nickname through its vibrancy of clubs, bars, and for students there’s always frat parties! There really isn’t a dull night, and I’ll admit I’m excited to call Tallahassee (or Tallanasty) home.



Alright, now I say it’s safe to admit that Florida State is known for having an extremely attractive student body; I don’t know if there’s something in the water down there or what! But let’s be real, those FSU boys are fine! I don’t know if it just because I’ve known all the same boys since kindergarten, or if they’re literally just way more attractive. Either way I’m excited; college is where you find out who you are. That includes finding out who you are more compatible with! And FSU definitely does not have a limited selection. So while I cross my fingers to get some cute boys on my floor, I hope I opened your eyes to why I chose Florida State. (but lets be honest, is there even a bad thing about FSU?) Go Noles!

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6. Greek Life

You can’t go to FSU and not go Greek. Well, you can, but be prepared to miss out on the time of your life! I am super excited for rush (coming up in about 7 months!!) to join a sisterhood and make lifelong best friends. I know, it sounds cliche, but I truly believe that rushing at a school with one of the best and largest Greek presence will be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.



7. Community

Something that FSU has that I can’t say about any other university is a strong sense of community. Everyone is friendly to you, and no matter what you’re interested in, there are at least a hundred other people that are into the same thing and want to be your best friend. Whether you’re Greek, an engineering student, a Young Life leader, or somewhere in between, everyone comes together at the end of the day as a melting pot of ‘Noles.


FSU has its very own puppy club. Yep, you read it right. Someone at Florida State was smart (and sweet) enough to start a club called Coping Through College. Students are welcome to stop by the Landis green and play with puppies whenever the college life gets to be too stressful. With my major being Biology/Pre-Medicine, I’ll be at the FSU Puppy Club  quite often, especially when I take my first college final…



9. Social Scene

Lots of college students end up at their dream the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. Luckily for me, Tally is definitely not short of things to do. If you aren’t tailgating or shouting the war chant at the top of your lungs on Game Day, there are amazing restaurants, bars, and shopping (like one of my personal favorites, the Henri Girl boutique) and volunteer opportunities to occupy your time. There really never is a dull moment as a student at FSU.

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