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10 Reasons I Wish I Grew Up Literally Anywhere BUT Kinross

10 Reasons I Wish I Grew Up Literally Anywhere BUT Kinross

Kinross is honestly not the greatest town to grow up. I've put together a list of reasons as to why I wish I grew up anywhere else.

Kinross is a beautiful town, with dozens of legendary historical spots. There are loads of different kinds of people, and the tourism is never ending. It’s pristine, and tidy, and quaint, but so SO boring. This traditional town, and its somewhat outdated vibe, is not exactly the perfect place for a young liberal teen to grow up in.

Here’s 10 Reasons I wish I grew up literally anywhere BUT Kinross. And if you grew up here too, then you get it.

1. Bus timetables are your worst enemy

You’re catching a bus at 13:30? HA! You thought wrong. You’ll be stood at the Park & Ride, in the rain and wind, until 14:45 (true story). If the bus doesn’t drive straight past you, then you’ll sure as hell be forced to stand up front entangled between the lady with the pram and that one person who just doesn’t understand personal space. Lucky you!

2. Small Town Mind-set is boring

If you grew up in a town, you know what this is. The people are friendly (most of the time), but folk are too settled in their beliefs, and they judge! Which is particularly problematic when you’re a teenager trying to find your footing in the world – God forbid you go out in skinny jeans and a cropped top! *sarcastic surprised emoji*

3. It’s SO difficult to get to places for a night out

Every part of your night needs to be meticulously planned. The nearest club is a half hour drive, so nights start early and end early. Clock watching on a night out is the worst, but we are not missing the last bus home. Perth bus station is nice and all, but those benches aren’t good for a gal’s back. 2 out of 10 on TripAdvisor – would not recommend to a friend.

4. Shopping for clothes is an ordeal

For a 15 year-old who relies on sporadic buses, and (if you’re luck) the taxi of mum and dad to get to the nearest cities, finding somewhere to clothes shop becomes a bit traumatic.

In light of this, here’s the beautiful selection of stores you can choose from in Kinross… drum role please!

1) The Kinross Stamp Shop – fashion that will take you all over the world!

2) The Kilt Company – who doesn’t like a man in a kilt?

3) The Kinross Stove & Cooker Centre – you’ve never heard of kitchen chic?

4) Skeins & Bobbins – take a leaf out your Nana’s book and stitch your own wardrobe.

5) everyone’s favourite…Sainsbury’s!

5. Bumping into people you really don’t like is inevitable

Everyone has that one teacher at school they just can’t stand. You don’t think about them outside of the classroom, but then, SURPRISE! They’re stood in front of you. Just be polite, talk all the small talk, but remember your co-ordinates for your exact location and make sure to never go there again. We don’t want any more awkward encounters now, do we?

Normally, it happens in Sainsbury’s too.

6. That sweet sweet countryside smell

Picture this: you step out of your front door, ready to enjoy the sunny day. You take a deep breath of that fresh summer air – BIG mistake. You choke on a smell far from that of flowers blooming, or BBQ’s in the park. That is the sweet smell of s**t. And that s**t lingers.

The fear of smelling that smell again is very real, so you spend the rest of the day breathing through your mouth. Must. Not. Smell. Must. Not. Smell.

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7. School doesn’t give you freedom to choose

Either you’re going to uni, or you’re doing nothing. Either you’re good at English and Maths, or  you’re not good at anything. Either you’re a sports achiever, or you’re always sidelined. Art, music, and design classes had limited space, so if you snoozed you’d loose out studying your passion.

School was great most of the time, but going to school anywhere else but Kinross would’ve been great too.

8. All there is to do, is walk

There are so many nature trails in Kinross, and if you grew up in the town, then you’ve definitely walked every last one of them. What an achievement.

9. “Oh, you’re [enter name here]’s little sister/brother aren’t you!”

Everyone knows who each other’s families are in school. If you have an older sibling who gets in there first, then you’ll be forever known under their name. Growing up in the wake of an older sibling is bad enough without people latching onto it at school too!

10. Community events are taken very seriously

Your family, and your friend’s family, and everyone else’s family are going to the ceremony for turning the Christmas lights on. You have to go too. They’re all going to look at some flowers at Kinross in Bloom. You have to go too. They’re also all going to look at sheep and cows at the Kinross Show (there’s that sweet countryside smell again). Aaaand, you have to go too.

What if you don’t want to? There’s no option.

So there you have it! I can’t say growing up in Kinross was great, but it definitely wasn’t all bad. Read 15 Signs You Grew Up In Kinross to roll in some pure Kinny nostalgia. From parties and loch drinking, to good food and quirky tales… turns out we did actually find some pretty fun things to do after all.

What do you think about growing up in Kinross? Tell us in the comments!
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