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5 Reasons I Switched To Korean Beauty And How It Changed My Life

5 Reasons I Switched To Korean Beauty And How It Changed My Life

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Korean beauty has really saved my life this past year. I’ve always suffered from terrible, oily, acne-prone skin, and no matter how many products I tried, drugstore brand or expensive ones, I would never see any results. I even managed to damage my skin barrier several times. It got to the point where I was just buying products that claimed to miraculously cure acne and make scars disappear overnight and was spending hundreds of dollars a month on products, never realizing what I was doing wrong until I learned about Korean beauty. Here are five reasons I switched to Korean Beauty and how it changed my life.

1. Double cleansing was a real game changer

The end of the day when I can remove my make up and wash off any dirt, toxins, and other stressors is seriously my favorite part of the day, but have you ever wondered if you are cleansing properly and removing everything from your face? Korean beauty introduced me to double cleansing, a method which involves cleansing first with oil, then with a regular water-based cleanser.

While it seemed strange to me at first to add more oil to my already oily skin, you wouldn’t believe the difference I saw in just a few days from adding this step. The oil cleanser helps to draw out impurities and makeup and leaves your skin feeling hydrated rather than stripped and tight. Then, using a regular gentle cleanser helps to get rid of the excess oil and anything else you may have missed. It seemed a little daunting at first, but double cleansing has played a major part in keeping my pores from getting clogged and keeping my skin super soft!

5 Reasons I Switched To Korean Beauty And How It Changed My Life

2. Strong ingredients are not necessarily best

Learning about Korean beauty made me realize a huge mistake that I was making in the past using strong acne treatments. I always thought that the harsher and drying the medications were, the more effective they would be, so I was shocked when “extra-strength” products would just leave my skin feeling dry or stinging, but the blemishes were still there after a few weeks.

This was also why I ditched physical exfoliants altogether, reaching for chemical exfoliants like low-percentage glycolic and lactic acid products instead. I learned to actually read and research ingredients rather than just slapping anything on. Korean beauty helped me to treat my skin gently and give it proper care, not just try to scrub away the flaws.

5 Reasons I Switched To Korean Beauty And How It Changed My Life

3. Learning to understand what your skin needs

Another excellent thing I learned when exploring Korean beauty, is that I needed to listen to what my skin was trying to tell me it needed. For example, when I was feeling that my face was tight and dry, I knew applying a hydrating toner a few times before the rest of my regime would help make my skin more supple.

I used to exfoliate almost every day before I dove into k-beauty, but now I know that it’s only needed two or three times a week to help my skin cells regenerate and help improve texture. When my skin is feeling too oily, I now understand that it’s producing too much sebum and products with niacinamide work wonders for this. There’s no way that I would go back to my old skin care habits now that I’ve found Korean beauty!

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4. Korean beauty products are legit adorable

Okay, I can’t skip this topic, but Korean beauty products are absolutely adorable. As if it wasn’t hard enough not to hoard so much skin care, there is just so much to choose from and try, love, or giveaway. K-beauty products are sometimes so cute, you just need to buy some just to make your vanity look cute!

5 Reasons I Switched To Korean Beauty And How It Changed My Life

5. Having a consistent routine is key

Probably the most important thing I learned from switching to Korean beauty, is that no matter how many useful products you have, consistency and patience are essential. I’ve learned to love my new routine, pat my serums and lotions on gently every day, no matter how tired I am at the end of the day. I’ve had to go through much trial and error to find out what was best for my skin and now that I know, I’m sticking to it and waiting it out. I’ve had some amazing results with Korean beauty and I know how to love my skin and feel great in it too!

5 Reasons I Switched To Korean Beauty And How It Changed My Life

Are you into Korean beauty? Share your stories below!

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