5 Reasons I Picked Brigham Young University

I recently just changed universities.  I went from my small home town college – Idaho State University to a slightly bigger Brigham Young University – Idaho or as most people know it by BYU-I.  In this article I will provide 5 main reasons why I chose to go from a Bengal to a Cougar.

1. Beneficial to my Religious Side.

Most people in the world associate Brigham Young University-I (or even Ricks as it use to be called) for being a church school. I believe about 80-90% are mormons, but I am not sure. I am a mormon and I have been waiting to extend my spirituality more than I have while at home. It has nothing to do with teachers at ISU.

2. “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace”….. (Taylor Swift “Speak Now”)

Also, people will mention that BYU-I is also known by reputation for being the “Marriage Capitol” of the world. I hope to someday find a potential spouse from BYU-I.  Plus not only are there Mormon guys, but also RM’s – (in the LDS church RM are an acronym based off of the words Returned Missionary. That Means the gentleman went on a 2 year mission to serve the Lord.

3. Warning : RELIGIOUS The Ultimate College Experience

Going away to school or to a university when it’s less than an hour away is somewhat pointless. I have been going to ISU for almost 2 years and it takes 30 minutes to get to my home. Not to mention I still live at home with my parents (yes, I know it’s shocking) but, that’s all I could afford at that particular moment. In my head, when I think about college I think about all the mistakes, late nights, phone calls, parties, budgeting, going to classes, snapchatting instead of doing homework, and most of all learning how to adult. I haven’t had the ultimate College experience and I desperately want to even though I may regret saying that later, it definitely is true.

4.  Two Little Monkeys Fighting on the Bed……

I hope we all grew up to that song! I remember it used to be my favorite bedtime story/ song. Currently, in my home my mother is fighting a form of cancer. It has been around her work for this week so she is staying at home and working.  Lately, I owe her a lot of money for insurance and other reasons. I am trying to pay her quickly but it’s really hard when you financially are all ready having problems. I don’t want my relationship with my Mother, whom I adore completely, to go South.

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Last but not least…

5.  It’s about dang time

I am almost 20 years old and most young adults my age have moved out, bought a car, a nice laptop, have a WHI Page and a Facebook pages that they post to regularly and are almost done with their Bachelor’s degree or they are even MARRIED at 19 ish.  I am ready to move out and spread my wings to fly away and to experience what it means to have an open mind.

Let us know what you think about Brigham Young University in the comments below!
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