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10 Reasons I Love Being An Arts Major

10 Reasons I Love Being An Arts Major

Here are some reasons I love being an Arts Major. There are so many creative routes given when studying in the Arts Major department. Here's why I love it!

When I tell people that I’m an Arts Major at BGSU, I very often get a few looks of why. It’s common stigma to associate Arts Majors with no money in their futures. However, there are many reasons why I love being an Arts Major. For instance, I would rather go to school for something I love, then go to school to a get job doing something I hate for the rest of my life. Here are 10 reasons why I love being an Arts Major!

1. Math Homework

I am a creative writing major, so I only had to take one math class once I got to college to fulfill my BGPs. The same goes for majority of Arts Majors. We have to deal with one to no math classes and that is music to our ears. Yes, the writing, the painting, the music, the designing, and the acting can all be just as stressful as math but the Arts are creative and fun to do and that feeling when it’s finished, is the best feeling in the world because you created it. You can’t feel that way about fifty problems of long division.

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2. The Community

My first two years of college at BGSU, I spent in the Arts Village. I met tons of fun and creative people who all brought their own artistic styles. I even met two of my best friends there who are extremely creative themselves. But as I get into more advanced writing classes, they start to get smaller and my relationships with other people in my major are getting stronger. We all have an artsy bond and it keeps the opinions respected and the minds open.

3. Creative Overflow

There will be days or weeks when you have an enormous amount of ideas pouring out of you, and you can’t get them onto the paper or the screen fast enough. Those are the best days, because some of the best ideas come out of it. But it does have its downfalls. There will be days when you have assignments to do or the urge to create something but there’s not a thing coming out of you. It’s like your creativity died. We’ve all been there and we’ll all go back.

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4. The Challenge To Do Better

Being an artist, there’s always a starting point. None of us were born to do our art. It was something we have continuously worked at for most of our lives. Personally speaking, my writing was terrible when I first started out compared to now. It’s not perfect by no means, but the more I work at it and the more I learn the better writer I become and that’s something that goes for all artists. Coming to BGSU, we get face to face interactions with some of the best in the artist fields and they’re always pushing us to do better and to expand our knowledge of the craft.

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5. The Critiques


College is the place to be for all things feedback when you’re an artist, especially at BGSU. No matter the class you’re in for your major, you’re always receiving positive and negative feedback to make what you’re doing better and potentially the best it can be. As a writer, workshops have really helped in making my writer 10 times better and more readable than it ever was before.

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6. Studying The Best In Your Field

Taking art classes in your respective major, means studying and learning about some of the best writers, painters, musicians, and designers, and dancers in the field. It gives you hope, knowing that somebody else has been there and done it. It also gives you a chance for inspiration to help you get your own creative juices flowing. The same goes for when the school gets visiting artists, it’s a great rush to meet somebody that has been in the same shoes you are.

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7. Being YOU

Being an artist, no matter the type, you have every opportunity in the world to just be YOU. Write what YOU want to, say what YOU want to, paint what YOU want to, design what YOU want to. It’s finally a time when YOU can do whatever you want through whatever medium you want to.

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8. The Possibilities of Careers are Endless

EVERYTHING HAS SOME TYPE OF ART IN IT! (Remember that before you start giving us Arts Majors weird looks.)

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9. Failure Does Not Exist

There are days when you’re going to feel like you have just created a golden piece of actual garbage. But it’s fine, because unless you completely give up on yourself, you’re always going to have the opportunity to pick up another pencil, memorize another script, dance a new routine, design a new character, etc. You always have the opportunity to never fail as an Arts Major. In fact, the world failure shouldn’t even exist in your mind.

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10. It’s my Passion

Every day is a new opportunity to pursue what I want to pursue. I get to create whatever I want to create. And if that means that I am not getting six figures every year then so be it. At least I can start with a fresh, new page and create something that I, myself, have thought of. The beauty of being an Art Major and artist, is that I have something I can passionately talk about and show off to the rest of the world. Well, the rest of the world may be a stretch for now. But we’re all going place, kids.

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