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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To UTK

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To UTK

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To UTK

GBO and all that jazz! Having lived in Tennessee all my life, along with my entire family going to Vanderbilt, I was not the biggest UTK fan growing up. Originally, I didn’t want to go, so here are five things that showed me UTK is a really awesome school!

1. It is the exact distance you need.

I live in Nashville, so this doesn’t apply to everyone. For some people, college is the chance to escape, and I feel ya! But trust me. Within the first few weeks, you will say at least once – I wish I could drive home and grab that sweater I left. Especially around the holidays, it will suck if you can’t afford airfare or don’t have a car.

2. The University is doing construction, so NEW STUFF FOR US!!!

The University is working their way up towards becoming a top 25 school, and that means updated tech, new buildings, and more resources for students! I’m pretty sure the dorms aren’t too close to it, so hopefully the only thing annoying about it will be having to drive down the strip. Bless your heart if you do.

3. The school spirit is undeniable.

No matter where you live, I guarantee that you have seen at least five UTK bumper stickers in your lifetime. WE ARE EVERYWHERE! (In a good way.)

4. No one can deny that UTK students know how to have a good time.

Did you think I wouldn’t mention this? Maybe it’s because we have Greek life *wink wink* or maybe southerners like to party hard. But either way, anywhere we go it’ll be an adventure. Drink responsibly.

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5. Come on y’all, nothing beats some good ol’ sweet tea paired with UTK football!

The south is flawed in many ways. We have produced Honey Boo Boo and Larry the Cable Guy (I think??) but unless you are the spawn of Satan, you think sweet tea is delicious! And even if you don’t like football, you can always talk to someone sitting near you! Southerners are generally friendly.

Share your reasons for why you chose to go to UTK! Comment below!
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